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Welcome to the encyclopedia of Romancing Jan. Our story is one rich and plenty as supplied by our team of writers and consultants. We recommend a cup of tea to accompany your reading. Click on the banners to reveal the culture. 

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The Inca Empire, with its advanced agricultural practices and intricate terrace farming, remains a dominant force. The city of Machu Picchu stands as a vibrant center of cultural and scientific exchange.

The Amazon rainforest is home to flourishing societies that have mastered sustainable living, utilizing the rich biodiversity of the region. Indigenous groups, such as the Tupinambá and Guarani, maintain harmonious relationships with the environment, preserving the intricate balance of ecosystems.

Sophisticated urban centers, like the ancient city of Tiwanaku, showcase architectural marvels and a deep understanding of astronomy. Trade networks span the continent, connecting diverse cultures from the Andes to the Amazon basin.

European explorers, arriving with curiosity rather than conquest, engage in diplomatic relations with indigenous leaders. This era sees a collaborative exchange of knowledge, with both indigenous and European societies benefiting from the sharing of agricultural techniques, medicinal plants, and artistic expressions.

The rich tapestry of indigenous art, including intricate pottery, textiles, and ceremonial masks, captures the essence of cultural diversity. The oral traditions of storytelling, passed down through generations, continue to shape the identity and wisdom of South America's indigenous peoples.

Looking for more? We are hiring writers with Indigenous South American heritage to re-imagine this part of our world. Contact us at for more info.

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