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What to expect: Actual footage from our live event in 2022.

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Come for the afternoon. Come for the evening. Come for both. Stay overnight!

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Dear Gentle Reader...

If you haven't yet heard, November 16th is going to be a splendid celebration, and you're invited! Duchess Rivington, new owner of Endicott Estate, is hosting a garden party and a grand ball, and everyone who is anyone will be there. 

A Night in Endicott is a fully costumed immersive event where you and your fellow guests inhabit a fantastical world of 1813 in London. Come for the afternoon, evening, or both!
Date: November 16th, 2024 
Location: Dedham, MA

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“She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me.” 


Regency for Everyone

Romancing Jan presents to you an unforgettable slice of escapism through atmosphere and theatre. The grounds of Endicott House shall greet and make esteemed guests of your characters, with equitable and personal warmth. Hold your breaths as you are due to time travel on the 16th of November 2024, and harken all the way back to 1813! 

The world of Romancing Jan is a fantastical alternate-history setting in which colonization and dominator culture was not the organizing force. Our diverse team of writers have used this lens to reimagine what their own ancestral cultures' societies look like in 1813, creating a multicultural fabric intended to be inclusive and empowering for all. 


Look into the mirror of graces and beyond the societal expectations of elegance and propriety. Treat all with kindness and equity, and no one is to be crude, untoward, or inebriated. Consult your friend and kin in proper conduct, and make sure to refer to our Participant Guide to understand Society etiquette! Immersive actors are not obliged to act in excess to any unreasonable requests from guests, so please be respectful!   

Read Our 

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Our Ticket Packages are as follows:

$ 250   -   FULL EVENT (noon-midnight)
$ 100   -   AFTERNOON ONLY (noon-6pm)
$ 175     -  EVENING ONLY (4:30pm-midnight)
$ 275   -   OVERNIGHT ADD-ON (Fri or Sat avail)

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What to expect

Become A Character

At this event, we encourage you to become your own Regency Romance heroine or hero. You and your fellow guests will take on the roles of best friends, rivals, and mentors or mentees with one another. 

Make it Interesting

You and your fellow guests will get involved in specialties like Gossip, Politics, Discovery, Recreation, and Matchmaking! You set goals and then work to achieve them, with lots of playful interactions on the way.

No Experience Needed 

We have designed this event to be very approachable for newcomers! If you've ever been curious about roleplaying experiences, but nervous about being expected to "perform", then this event is perfect for you. 

Joyful, Relaxing, Engaging 

If you'd like to get an idea of what the event will be like, please watch the above video. Tea, games, dancing, gossip, politics and mysteries await you in a beautiful and relaxing environment!

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Pictures from the 2022:

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