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Content Advisories

At Incantrix Productions, we endeavor to make events that are fun, exciting, uplifting, and challenging in positive ways. We endeavor to make spaces that are brave and bold. Though we cannot control the content or actions of others, we can advise that in this game, you are likely to encounter light-hearted themes of romance, scandal, jealousy, betrayal, gossip, broken-heartedness, dueling, and other tropes of the genre.

We can also give you tools for mitigating risks- the rules outlined below– and equip you with tools to assist in managing– heading to the quiet space for privacy. Ultimately, you are responsible for taking care of yourself and knowing your own limits, and we trust you to do that. 

I. Rules 

Rule #1: Play to Lift

This is a game about community, both while we are in play as well as when we are out of play. To that end, we ask that you are mindful of how you interact! It's important to read your scene partner's intent, and do your best to elevate that, and trust that they will do the same in turn.


 If you are uncertain about how another person is feeling about your interaction, you can simply ask them and have a transparent discussion, thereby ensuring that everyone is feeling respected, cared for, and elevated in their play.

Rule #2: Always React

It's more fun if you react to whatever is happening! If someone is putting on a show, you would cheer for them! If someone is challenging someone to a duel, you would gasp! Not reacting is called "no selling" and it is bad form.

Rule #3: Always Act With Consent

If you are unsure if someone is interested in the same type of roleplay you are, just ask them! Simply cross your fingers to indicate that you are "out of role", and ask: 


"I'm wondering if you are interested in pursuing a romantic/political/whatever plotline together?" 


No is a complete sentence. Accept the answer with a "thank you", especially if it is a no! They will appreciate your acceptance.

Rule #4:  Oh Mother

"Oh Mother" is a term that indicates something is true out of game and needs community attention. 


For example: "Oh Mother, that makes me uncomfortable." 

Means the player is actually uncomfortable. If directed to you, immediately change course and respect the boundary! If you hear someone use the "Oh Mother" call with someone else, pay attention and see if you can support them.

Rule #5: The Look Down

Not everything is for everyone, and that's okay. If you need to exit a scene for any reason, simply look down, shield your eyes as if you were shielding them from the sun, and walk away to wherever you would like. There is a designated quiet space available. Ask for help if you need it.


If you see someone doing the look down, please respect their autonomy and privacy and do not follow or chase. If they need further assistance, they will ask.

II. Escalation

Should you need to escalate, please send a text to ‪(646) 504-8103‬. We will handle all reports on a case-by-case basis and intervene where necessary. Please note details of what occurred, when, and participants involved (descriptions if names are unknown). We reserve the right to ask a player to take a break, leave the event, or even involve authorities in instances where a crime has been committed.

We are not mental health professionals, and cannot provide you with mental health care services of any sort, as this would be a breach of professional ethics. Care is a community effort, and we are all responsible to one another to show generosity and care. If you are in a psychologically compromised headspace, we ask that you prioritize taking care of yourself and do not attend. 

III. General Policies 

Incantrix Productions produces a variety of events that involve person-to-person interaction, role-play, character development, and completion of objectives. The company’s rules focus heavily on safety (physical and psychological), consent and communication, inclusion, and varying levels of immersion. These principles are integral to participants having a safe and enjoyable experience at our events, and the Incantrix team is supportive of these principles throughout the larger gaming, live action role-play (LARP) and interactive theater community. Our company’s events and games are intended to be a fun and joyful escape from the “real world” and these inclusive policies help support that mission.

The following policies apply to all experiences produced and run by Incantrix Productions, including but not limited to in-person events and games, online forums and groups, and online games (hereinafter all referred to as “Games”). All attendees to Games by Inctrantix Productions agree and consent to abide by these policies and understand that the violation of these policies may result in being removed from the Game without a refund by the company.

Questions or concerns? Email: 

IV. Physical & Psychological Wellbeing

Every attendee has the right to feel physically and psychologically safe at events run by Incantrix Productions, including but not limited to in-person events/games and online forums/events/games. That means they should find all of our properties are free of:

Physical and mental distress
Harassment (including slurs and deliberate misgendering)
Unwanted behavior
Violation of physical and personal space 
Harmful real-world events and ideologies, discrimination, bias, racism, sexism, knowingly and willfully misgendering others, or any other harmful behavior that affects the welfare of others. 

Also, Incantrix Productions events and properties are free of all real world harmful content, including but not limited to harmful symbols, images, slogans, sayings, printed or other materials, speech, comments, or any other harmful content communicated verbally or displayed in tangible form of any kind. 

Whether run by Incantrix Productions or in conjunction with another business or convention, our in-person games follow all local laws and we require our participants to do so as well, including but not limited to State and Federal CDC-recommended protocols.

V. ‘Bleed’

Incantrix Productions places a priority on emotional safety, providing a framework for identifying and processing the psychological impact of immersive role play and confronting (or avoiding) potential triggers. We also provide guidance for managing bleed, or the transference of emotions from character to player and vice versa. We do this through work-shopping before and after the games, as well as through a set of non-immersion-breaking tools.

‘Bleed’ is complex, and can provide great benefit if positive, or harm if negative. An example of positive bleed might be a real life friendship that blossoms after you work in a cooperative context in a role playing game. An example of ‘negative Bleed’ might be playing in opposition to another player in a competition, and experiencing antagonistic or resentful emotions towards the other player after the event is over, even though you are no longer in character. Bleed is normal, and it is good to talk about it in a non-judgmental setting where emotions can be validated and witnessed by others. 

VI. Inclusion

Incantrix Productions strives to make a welcoming environment for all participants, including trying at all times to select fully accessible venues. The company accepts and values participants and never discriminates based on race, creed, color, sex, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, ancestry, religion, physical or mental disability, veteran status, marital or domestic partnership status, affectional or sexual orientation, and/or other characteristics protected by applicable law.

VII. Consent & Communication

Incantrix Productions believes that consent and communication are the backbone of strong communities and a prerequisite for immersion. To this end we use a number of tools and rules in order to facilitate excellent communication and ensure consent-based participation for all guests and staff members attending our events. 

VIII. Immersion

Though immersion (or feeling as though you truly embody a character) is not always the goal of role-play in general, immersion is most achievable when players feel safe and included, in a setting that allows for clear communication and consent. At Incantrix Productions events immersion is not a rule (the team wants people to be comfortable pursuing what they wish, when they wish), but deeper immersion is there to pursue. With that in mind, the company encourages a safe, inclusive, and transparent community and consent culture – because it’s kind – but also to support an environment conducive to immersion and quality interactive gaming.

IX. Introductory Workshop

In the introductory workshop, company Game Masters and staff will cover specific tools to help players, experienced or new, effectively communicate with each other and negotiate dramatic scenes when necessary. The more trust you can establish with other players, the more risks you can safely take, and then the more amazing storylines can be created (in a feel good setting).
This guide just covers the basics – the foundations necessary to have a physically and emotionally safe game that allows you to focus on self-care and, should you choose, immersive participation.

X. COVID Policy

All our cast and crew are vaccinated. We ask that in order to attend you provide proof of up-to-date vaccination before arrival via our Guest Survey, or onsite when you arrive. Masks are not required, but we encourage players to mask if they need to mitigate their risk. Most importantly we will be following any local safety policies at the time of the event.

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