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Our Team

These here are the folks responsible for bringing Romancing Jan to Life! 

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Athena Peters (She/They)

Lead Game Designer & Writer 

Athena Z Peters (she/ they) is the Lead Game Designer for Romancing Jan as well as CEO of Incantrix Productions. With a BFA in Theatre and 20+ years of professional game development, Athena collects many things including, projects, partners, and pets.

Elizabeth Upshur

Contributing Writer & Cultural Consultant 

Elizabeth Upshur-min.png
Alyssa Yeo-min.png

Alyssa Yeo

Designer, Contributing Writer & Cultural Consultant

Alyssa is a product, game and narrative designer, writer, editor and visual artist from Malaysia. She loves many a thing: food history, theatre, costume design, film, the ocean, browsing bookstores without buying anything. When she isn’t designing websites or user interfaces, she can be found writing games, reviewing movies on Letterboxd or planning an elaborate dinner menu she can’t quite handle. 

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Amber Fatima Riaz, PhD

Contributing Writer & Cultural Consultant 

Amber Riaz is a professional academic editor, and has edited academic manuscripts, journal articles and conference papers, working with academic presses as well as individual authors. She has worked as a sessional instructor of academic writing and research in London, Ontario, and in Vancouver, BC. Amber has been passionate about all things Regency since she first read Georgette Heyer romances as a sixteen year old. Writing about the nineteenth century Indian subcontinent for the Romancing Jan world has been the highlight of her career. 

RIana Elliot-min.png

Riana Elliot

Contributing Writer & Cultural Consultant

Botanica 1 Team-min.png

Julie Upshur

Contributing Writer, Cultural Consultant & Copyeditor

Julie Upshur is a writer, equestrian, and teacher from Nashville, TN. Some of her pasttimes include reading, watching K-Dramas, and eating midnight snacks. She works hard so her horse and dog can have the finer things in life.

Julie Upshur-min.png
Peter Hairston-min.png

Peter Hairston

Contributing Writer & Military Consultant

Elise Catibog

Cultural Consultant 

Elise Catibog-min.png
Rachel Sigman-min.png

Rachel Sigman

Social Media Manager

Kat Davis

Romancing Jan Staff Assistant 

Kat got her start from a very young age, learning to talk long before she walked. She’s improved at the walking part over time but never stopped telling stories. These days she focuses on creating immersive experiences through live-action roleplaying and similar forms of unconventional storytelling, such as Romancing Jan!

Kat Davis-min.png
Taran Lopez-min.png

Taran Lopez 

Layout Artist 

Taran Lopez (they/them) is a Brooklyn based illustrator and graphic designer, as well as a longtime LARPer and cosplayer. When not working on layout design for the monthly Romancing Jan newsletter, they can be found running online D&D and other fantasy RPGs for children. They believe no British TV, movie or book experience is complete without tea, scones and clotted cream.

Samuel Mui 

Contributing Writer 

Samuel Mui Shen Ern is a game designer, writer, editor, creative coder, musician, and visual artist from Malaysia. Their works explore real-world topics like death, relationships, and emotional brokenness with an unwaveringly brutal honesty and a sense of fun(?)! When he’s not working on his next big thing, he’s probably zoning out to k-pop, experimenting in the kitchen, or telling people to watch Tokyo Gore Police. Samuel, you can't keep asking folks to watch arthouse gore films. 

Samuel Mui-min.png
Kiara Vincent-min.png

Kiara Vincent

Cultural Consultant

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