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The World

Welcome to the encyclopedia of Romancing Jan. Our story is one rich and plenty as supplied by our team of writers and consultants. We recommend a cup of tea to accompany your reading. Click on the banners to reveal the culture. 

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West Africa 

West Africa is divided into four prominent kingdoms with smaller, tributary/nomadic cattle herders, nations/tribes between all of them, who proudly practice religious pluralism with their native animism/Vodun and Islamic/Catholic/ Protestant influences.

The Mali Empire is led by bisexual Mansa Maghan X, Fon/Wolof seafarers and world-renowned  scholars and doctors from its Timbuktu based Sankore University.

The Kingdom of Benin, AKA the City of 10,000 Walls, led by King Dominion Waruo, the citadel city and modern wonder of the world, exports fine bronze miniatures, masks, and ironworks.

​The Dahomey Kingdom has the Queen Mother Farinda oversees palm wine, salt, and Kola-Ale beverage exports.

Classes are royalty, nobility, priests, artisans (including engineers), artists, agriculturalists, farmers, indentured servants. Both in West Africa and abroad they have brought their Egungun, ancestral mask festivals, and drum operas covering folktales/epic love stories/Shakespeare adaptions. Also growing in popularity are Malian Dambe Boxing matches, where a boxer’s dominant hand is wrapped in cord/spikes for a possible knockout punch during the three-round game. Clothing is a mixture of new/old, with only ceremonial/religious days requiring traditional fineries.

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