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Welcome to the encyclopedia of Romancing Jan. Our story is one rich and plenty as supplied by our team of writers and consultants. We recommend a cup of tea to accompany your reading. Click on the banners to reveal the culture. 

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North Westlands : The Tsalagi Nation

The Tsalagi, like more people of the Western continent, practice a devout spiritualism based about veneration of all living things. They also feel strongly about their Ancestors, and the spiritually world at large. they are Matriarchal, with men joining their wives’ clan- as women gave life, it made sense that they should rule the house.

Their tribe is led by two chiefs, A Red Chief (for war) and a White Chief (for Peace). They elected by popular vote, the votes coming from the women leaders and elders of each of 7 clans- Wolf, Deer, Bird, Longhair, Wild Potato, Blue, and Painted. Although Matriarchal, people of all genders are treated equally. Gender is not defined by the body, and many people Transcend into their true selves, and are spiritual guides.

Tsalagi clans are composed of hunters, farmers, and gatherers, each being just as important as the others. As chores and work are shared equally, everyone had time to work on artistry, such as beadings, sewing, writing, and music.

Clothing and fashion are important to the Tsalagi, and they have adopted much from their dealings with new lands. Their people wear cloth robes and dresses, with beadings and ornamentation. Turbans and hats are extremely popular with the rich and learned. Tattoos are common, with their meanings tied to clan relations, life events, and marriages. Hair is braided and grown long, but shaved heads are common in warriors of all genders. 

San Bernadino Valley: The Yuhaaviatam

The Yuhaaviatam and the sister tribes (what we know as the Serrano People) are around the San Bernardino Valley area and into the mountains. 

With the introduction of cotton, weavers have introduced robes and pants to the fashion; though it is common to go shirtless during the summer months as it can be far too warm for garments. The clothes worn are adorned with shells, braided bear grass, and beads. Jewelry is worn differently according to each person. Both men and women tend to wear their hair in braids or simply long. Shoes made of leather and other leather goods have made their way into fashion as well. 

Men and women are equal. Although gender is recognized, any person is allowed to identify as they see fit. That could mean both genders, neither gender, or the opposite gender as to the one initially assigned.

The Yuhaaviatam is run by a tribal leader with a council of elders. They are elected by vote among the people of the city state. Elders are revered highly and their words are not taken lightly. They are consulted on many things, from minor to major. 

They, like most tribes in the Westlands, believe in life being sacred. Their creation story is shared by their sister tribes. Their songs and dance center around a celebration of the Earth. They do, however, specialize in a specific kind of song called Bird Song. In addition to this, their funeral practices involve cremation. They also believe in the ritualistic burning of the land. 

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