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The World

Welcome to the encyclopedia of Romancing Jan. Our story is one rich and plenty as supplied by our team of writers and consultants. We recommend a cup of tea to accompany your reading. 

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Writing Credits

The credits for the construction of this alternate history are as follows.


Elizabeth Upshur 

 The African Continent


Alyssa Yeo

Northeast Asia & The Archipelago Empires of Southeast Asia


Riana Elliot

 The Tsalagi Nation

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Elise Catibog

Danawan of Southeast Asia 

Caitlin Portrait-min.png

Caitlin Norton

The Yuhaaviatam People

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Amber Fatima Riaz 

 The Indian Subcontinent of South Asia 

Writing Credits

A Foreword


Romancing Jan is inspired by, and shares a lot in common with, Regency Era England, but it is not a historical game. Our world is primarily an alternative history in which some major changes in the historical timeline have resulted in a society similar to but different from the one we know as Regency England. In our version of 1811 England, women and people of all cultures have equal rights to white men. Homosexuality, gender fluidity and non-monogamous relationships are also an accepted part of society. Christopher Columbus died at sea an unknown explorer and modern western colonialism never really took off, but trade treaties and political alliances have been made on every continent. 


We have made these changes purposefully so that players of all cultures and lifestyles can enjoy the experience of immersive gameplay in this romantic era made popular by writers like Jane Austen but without the feeling that they could not have truly belonged in such a society. We have altered history so that our non-cis/white/heterosexual players can feel comfortable creating and telling their own story in this world.


But if all are equal, where will the scandal and drama come from? Rest assured. The world of Romancing Jan is not a utopia by any means. There are still many inequalities in our world that were present in the real 1811 and that are fodder for the scandal sheets. Those inequalities revolve around class dynamics and the drastic difference in wealth distribution among the landed nobility and the working classes. Sexual scandal still exists as well. Having a child out of wedlock is still wholly inappropriate and shows a lack of moral character especially if one does not support said child. Marriage is still very much a business contract designed to improve family prospects rather than the more romantic but scandalous ideas of marrying for love. The Napoleonic Wars are still happening. Innovation, technological advancement, new forms of art, etc. are still the order of the day and altering the way the world functions. So there’s still plenty of scandal to be had!

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