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How to Play

January 11, 2021

Romancing Jan is a live action roleplaying game played by mail. Each person plays a specific character co-created with the Game Master prior to jumping into the game. During the course of the game, all of the players interact with each other through discourse, exchanging pleasantries and gossip with one another. This discourse helps to gather and spread information and also helps players create their own story in the world of Romancing Jan. The discourse will affect the social, local and world news reported in the Society Periodicals composed by Game Masters and which sent out to subscribed players each month.

Character Creation Core Traits






These characteristics are inspired by the traits most noted in Regency Era romances and other publications such as those by Jane Austen and her contemporaries. Every character is assigned two of these Traits that are integral to who they are and that drive the playing of that character. These Traits are what Society knows them most for. For example: Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice would have Wealth and Wit as his core Traits. While he might also be rather appealing in his countenance or know how to work a room for information, they are not what Society most notes him for. After all, it is Society’s view of the character that truly matters!


This is a character's physical beauty according to current Society standards. Standards of beauty have fluctuated throughout history based on many factors. Regardless of how players might feel their real-life Attractiveness ranks according to modern beauty standards, in the world of Romancing Jan, if they have the Attractiveness Trait, then they are Society’s standard ranked at a 10/10.

Only the player and the Game Master know about the character’s Traits and they are not directly revealed to other players. If players want to try their hand at making a marriage match in the game, a lot of what will determine the right match in Society’s eyes is based on the Traits being complementary.

Character Creation Activities


The next part of creating a character is creating information for the Rumor Mill. Players do this by writing out three truths and two lies about their character and giving those to the Game Master. These only need to be one to two sentences and are intended to be something people might whisper in a salon or write in the Society pages. It helps when players use their two Traits to guide what they write. Rumors are used as seed information for the monthly Society Periodical as well as for characters with the Cunning Trait.


One of the most written about aspects of Regency Society is matchmaking. For those interested in making a marriage match, the option will be available but not required. Any player who wants their character to be available for a marriage contract pursuit can state as much in their character creation process. Every month, Society’s Eligible Individuals will be listed in the Society Periodical. The Game Master maintains a list of appropriate pairings based on character Traits and will approve or disapprove of matches based on that list. However, there’s nothing forcing players to conform to Society's approving gaze. *gasp* The Scandal! Rest assured. Whether a match is approved of or not, Duchess Vera Everbloom (the Game Master) will catch wind of it one way or another and will report on her own view of the match in the Society Periodical. 

Unlimited Opportunities

If players do not want to play the matchmaking game, there’s plenty they can still do. Players can make business deals to grow their wealth. They can make friends or family bonds with other Society members and gossip about the latest news. They can even make political moves to change the trends of society through fashion, trade, literature, etc. The players’ imagination and the approval of the Game Master are the only limitations. 

How the Game is Played

Monthly Periodicals and Personal Mail are sent to players through the real-world mail system. There is no in-game online correspondence in this game. This is to ensure that the Game Master is aware of all storytelling taking place and can ensure that our safety and anti-harassment policies are being followed. It also evokes the romance and excitement of waiting for and receiving physical mail that has, for the most part, disappeared in today’s society but was the foundation of all social interaction in the Regency Era. PDF copies of correspondence are made available upon player request and sent by email. 

The Monthly Periodicals

These Society Periodicals are, designed by the Game Master(s) inspired by monthly magazines and museums of 1811 and are sent using physical mail to all players once a month. Periodicals will also be made available in a PDF version that will be sent to player email addresses.

The Periodical serves both as a player directory as well as the world plot and main game wide communication device. The periodical is one way of showing how our alternate world diverges from real world history and will include descriptions of the NPCs that might correspond with you, interesting occurrences you might want to correspond about or investigate further and will highlight both real world historical figures who were overlooked in our colonized history but would shine in our alternate world as well as information on regions of the world that in our alternate timeline are their own powerful and thriving nations. 


The Periodicals include at least one piece of news related to every character currently active in the game. If they are an Eligible Individual (eligible marriage partner) then they will be listed in the Suitor's Corner of the periodical. Other players might be found in political, local or world news, or in the Society gossip sections.


Where the players appear in the Periodical will be based initially on the three truths and two lies that each player defined for their characters during character creation, then on ongoing correspondence.


Every player character mentioned in the Periodical and available to be corresponded with will have their name in bold so anyone scanning it and looking for someone to correspond with can find them easily. You may also send correspondence to any non-bolded name. These are Non-player characters, managed by the Game Writers and can be anyone you might imagine existing in the world.