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Schedule of Events for Daytime Activities: 

  • 12pm - Arrival and Check-in: Welcome to the world of 1813

  • 12:30pm - Workshops: To familiarize you with how to play and connect you with other guests

  • 1:30pm - Break: Time to get into costume if needed, make last-minute touch-ups and adjustments

  • 2pm - High Tea: Enjoy a sumptuous luncheon and tea

  • 3pm - Games, activities, engaging with specialties

  • 5pm - Dance instruction in the Ballroom

  • 6pm - End of day for afternoon-only participants, Break for All-day Participants


Schedule of Events for Evening Activities: 

  • 4:30pm - Arrival for Evening-only Participants

  • 5pm-6pm - Dance instruction in the Ballroom

  • 6pm - Evening-only Workshops: To familiarize you with how to play and connect you with other guests

  • 7pm - Dinner Gala: Enjoy a stunning buffet-style dinner 

  • 8pm - Dancing, games, activities, engaging with specialties

  • 9pm - Announcements, games, activities, engaging with specialties

  • 10pm - Dancing, games, activities, engaging with specialties

  • 11pm - Finale events, soft “game off”, time to wrap up your stories, retell adventures with other guests, and celebrate

  • 12pm - Event ends


$ 250   -   FULL EVENT (12pm-12am)
$ 100   -   AFTERNOON ONLY (12-6pm)
$ 175    -   EVENING ONLY (4:30pm-12am) 

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Formal Invitation

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Your esteemed company is requested at the Endicott House, newly acquired by the Duchess Rivington, on the date of the 11th of May, 1813. (Actual date May 11, 2024)

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Schedule of Events

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12 to 6pm.

Afternoon Only

Overnight available Friday and Saturday nights, breakfast included.

Evening Only

4:30pm to 12am.

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Friday and Saturday avail.


What can we expect?

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Custom Dance Cards/Character cards. 

Regency Era games such as Cards, Croquet, etc, to truly immerse yourself in the world.

Activities in the areas of Recreation, Discovery, Politics, Matchmaking, and Gossip! 


Exemplary Chef-catered tea luncheon, dinner and breakfast buffets.

Dance instruction by a Regency-era dance experts.

Professional Immersive actors to help facilitate your personal journey. 

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A stunning mansion located in Dedham MA with beautiful grounds and exquisite suites less than an hour from Logan Airport. 

A cash bar and professional photography by a licensed photographer. 


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Imagine a world where colonization was not the organizing force. The writers of Romancing Jan have reimagined their own ancestral cultures through this lens. All the fashion and drama of the Regency period, without the ethnic, racial, age, ability, sex and gender discrimination!
Join us for a full day of tea, activities, and potential matchmaking in an alternate-history 1813. As an option, stay overnight in the beautiful MIT Endicott House and enjoy breakfast the next morning. 

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