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Janet Twisden (Sarah)
May 27, 2021
In Backgrounds and Character dev
Born to a country vicar and his wife, Janet lost her mother quite young. With a father whose interests were literary and chiefly solitary, she grew up quite lonely, and found her main companions in books. She seemed to find her place while studying English at Oxford as a young woman, thriving in the academic and social atmosphere. However, her father's death shortly after she took her degree, revealing her penniless state, cut short her ambitions of a literary career in London. A wealthy, distant cousin took pity on her forlorn bewilderment, and carried Janet off to her Yorkshire estate as a companion. There the young woman lived a not unfulfilling life, befriending neighbors and cultivating her antiquarian interests. Eight years later, with her cousin's recent death and the legacy subsequently left to her, Janet has removed to London to finally experience life in the metropolis. Name: Janet Helena Twisden Pronouns: she/her Birthday: May 29, 1781 Titles: N/A Height: 5'7" Build: slender, but curvy Hair: golden brown Eyes: blue Forms of Address Formal/Social: Miss Twisden Familiar: Janet/Jenny Residence: A modest townhouse in Mayfair Interests: books, art, history, theatre, travel Pets: Lady Disdain--a truly astonishingly profane parrot left to her by her cousin. Upcoming Events: The Everbloom Ball: Janet will be in attendance, and almost certainly delighted to dance with anyone who might ask. Captain Sunderlan's Midsummer Ghost Hunt: Janet is eager to explore the mysteries of Harlaxton Manor, and while, highly skeptical of laughing demons and white ladies, is fully willing to let her imagination run wild for an evening of goosebumps!
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Janet Twisden (Sarah)

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