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Name: Callisto Rose LaBelle

Title: Lady (Mademoiselle)

Pronouns: She

Sexuality: Pansexual

Birthday (Age): March 20, 1789 (22)

Height: 5'2”

Build: Waifish body, but with round and soft facial features

Hair: Dark Auburn Red

Eyes: Dark Grey-Blue (Stormy)

Skin Tone: Peachy with warm olive undertones

Appearance: Callisto is well known for her beauty when her mother dresses her up. She has a soft face that gives her a more youthful appearance. There is a uniqueness to her mixed heritage features that make her stand out. She has an air of uncomfortably and disgust most people mistake for a bad attitude written on her face most of the time.


Pedigree: Daughter of French Machioness of Aulnois-sur-Seille and Sea Captain of The Greek Rose Shipping Company

Born: Paris, France

Home: Rainham Hall, London, England - Moved to London 1797

Country Home: Château Saint-Sixte in Aulnois-sur-Seille, France

Favorite Color: Indigo Purple/Verdigris


How to refer to Callisto when writing:

Formally: Mademoiselle Callisto Rose LaBelle

Formal Salutations: Dear Mademoiselle

Socially: Mademoiselle Callisto Rose LaBelle

Social Salutations: Mademoiselle Callisto Rose LaBelle, Mademoiselle LaBelle

Familiar: Mademoiselle LaBelle, Lady Rose, Callisto Rose

Intimately: Rose, Calli, Little Belle

London Address: Rainham Hall, London

Country Home Address: Château Saint-Sixte in Aulnois-sur-Seille, France


Public Family History: Callisto was born to Dimitri Lykaios, a lucky Greek Sea Captain turned Patreon and Marquess Annette LaBelle, the daughter to a French aristocratic house. This marriage was allowed Dimitri to raise his stature in society while bringing his good fortune over to the LaBelle’s. Since the family traced lineage by Noblesse uterine, Dimitri took his wife’s name under her nobility.

Business was very good starting out and Dimitri was able to forge new connections that opened up possibilities for the family. Annette quickly had three children: Adonis, Brice, Juliette, and Callisto. She started their education as soon as possible so that they could marry into good families.

Callisto with her bothers and sisters, would often visit Versailles with their mother for special occasions. There she would play with the children.

Sadly, as emotions in France toward the bourgeoisie start to become more volatile, the LaBelle family decided to move to London. There they set up their main residence to conduct their trading business. Dimitri bought Rainham Hall from fellow Captain John Harle when Callisto was 7.

The children’s education was very strict, but they were able to find their way into the world to bring honor to their family. Adonis went to college in Cambridge, Brice entered the military, and Juliette gave her life to god to be a nun. This now made Callisto the main inheritor to the LaBelle title. Annette always knew deep down it would be her darling and beautiful Callisto who would carry on the dignity of the family.

Callisto and her mother still visit Versailles up until the revolution. After that they would only visit Paris to visit her mother’s friends or their family country home Château Saint-Sixte in Aulnois-sur-Seille, France.

Callisto not only spent time diligently learning how to be a perfect Marquess, but is also known to enjoy helping her father with his business.

Annette is also thrilled Callisto’s is so well skilled in her studies that she can also find time reading books, talking philosophy, gardening, and figuring out how things work. Due to her commitment to her duties, Callisto stayed home until she felt she would be ready for a husband. After turning 22, Callisto decided to put distractions to the side, and start dedicating herself to the search for a suitor. She can’t wait to meet you…

But that story really does sound odd doesn’t it…?


Connections Wanted: Looking for new friends in London, preferably those with interests in culture, art, history, languages, and travel. She doesn't have any tales of her own to tell, but she loves to listen. She doesn't consider herself a gossiper, but she always wants to hear anything that could be fun. Don’t worry, any secrets are safe with her! She also loves games and to solve mysteries. Also, she is looking for suitors as well, but maybe looking a little more for adventure.


Marriage Status: Looking for Romance

Suitor's Corner Ad: Rare French beauty returns from ancestral home of Aulnois-sur-Seille, France to take residency in London at Rainham Hall in late July 1811. Gentile in nature and master conversationalist, she seeks romantic and platonic acquaintances of all types who share interests in art, literature, and mercantile pursuits. This delicate woman of her early twenties is often compared to her namesake, with features as soft as petals and deep red hair of the Black Bacara Rose. If interested, please send letters to Marchioness Annette Élantine LaBelle or directly to Mademoiselle Callisto Rose.


Callisto Rose (RustingRabbit)

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