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Lady Malaya
May 20, 2021
In General Discussion
This is an excellent collection of stories (many quite rude and inappropriate) printed in regency tabloids. Perhaps one of these may be used to inspire one of your own character's shenanigans!
Lady Malaya
Mar 03, 2021
In General Discussion
Hello! I have noticed a few people wondering how to create conflict within this game, so I decided to compile a list of ways to add a bit of spice, if you should wish to do so. Addictions: Drinking, gambling, drugs (tobacco, laudanum, opium), too much time at brothels/too many paramours Cheating: Rigging races and matches, cheating at games, being unfaithful to ones spouse Personality problems: Getting into fights, lying, cruel gossiping, petty theft, spending too much money on fashion, being too self absorbed, being sloppy, selfishness, arrogance, rudeness, bluntness, childishness, etc. Work Drama: Business failing/going bankrupt, fight between two co-owners of a business, workers on strike, conflict between rival business owners, funnelling company funds into private accounts Family Drama Illness/death, not having enough money to keep up with society, parents don't approve of ones career aspirations (or lack of), inheritance dispute, child out of wedlock (regardless of gender), marrying below ones station, marrying for reasons other than love, your sibling/cousin is marrying/courting/being courted by your old flame/someone you don't approve of, divorce, remarriage (LOTS of options here) If you're wealthy enough to have servants, they can also have their own drama for you to write about! External problems: War, famine, drought, classism, no access to education/higher education These problems can be your own, or the real or perceived problems of others! Put any of your own suggestions in the comments below.
Lady Malaya
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