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Name: Malaya Dakila

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Heteroflexible (favouring masc. peeps) and Demiromantic. Down to consider poly, but it’s got to be the right people!

Physical Appearance: 5'3", lean and muscular body with slight curves. Three tattoos (small tattoo of a serpent eagle on her chest, coming up from between her breasts, and each arm has centipede and snakeskin tattoo circling the top, just under the armpit).

Birthday (Age): October 11th (23)

Title(s): Dayang or Lady


1. Ayuyang House, 20 Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London (Current)

2. Kanlungan House, Number 1 Royal Crescent, Bath

How should you be addressed in letters?:

For first letters/business/formal: Lady Dakila or Dayang Dakila

For more casual correspondence: Lady Malaya or Lady Malaya Dakila

Very informal: Malaya, any pet names or nicknames

NOTE: Player is sensitive to all artificial scents, though natural scents are fine

About: Lady Malaya Dakila is from the Southeastern country of Danawan. Part of the extended Tondo Monarchy, her parents head the Southeastern Trade Company. Their branch of the family is also known for their stock in the gold mining business, as well as their tea fields.

Charming and friendly, Malaya is always looking for something new. She has spent most of her young adult life at sea, helping manage her family’s shipping business, with her eldest brother. The freedom and excitement of seafaring life has treated her well, and though she is a social creature, there are times where she misses the anonymity of being a stranger in some faraway port town. As of the end of March, 1811, Malaya has been living in London, where she enjoys attending parties, salons, and tending to her conservatory.

Malaya is here partially on business, partially on holiday, and very much hopes to figure out what this whole love thing is about.

Lady Malaya

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