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Lady Charlotte Grant
Feb 15, 2021
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Just The Facts: Father: Admiral Lord Edward Grant Mother: Lady Katherine Grant Home: Greenwich, London Age: 22 (Birthday: April 9th) ___________________________________ Bio: [Beware: Mild Spoilers. If you want to know NOTHING about Charlotte, skip ahead. However, also know that there is still more to Charlotte to be discovered than just this write up. ;) ] [Trigger warning: The loss of a child mentioned] Charlotte was born the daughter of Admiral Lord Edward Grant & Lady Katherine Grant. Edward met Katherine as a young man, rising through the ranks of His Majesty's Royal Navy, during a voyage to Ireland. It was on this venture that he received his advancement to lieutenant and was instructed to have his new uniform tailored prior to sailing out again. Katherine was a renowned seamstress in the town and came highly recommended by one of his ranking officers. It was there they first met and the moment Edward set eyes upon the young woman, he felt his heart give way. Their courtship was a difficult one at first as Edward was dedicated to his life within the Navy. However, they sent regular correspondence back and forth and Edward never missed an opportunity to venture to the island to see her. Finally, after receiving the rank of Captain, Edward proposed to Katherine and arranged to have her brought to London. It was a difficult adjustment for Katherine, having been born to the Irish middle-class, to suddenly be thrust into the spotlight as the wife of one of the Navy's most successful Captains. She quickly worked to find her place in society & acquaint herself with the expected customs & niceties. When Charlotte was born, she had her mother's red hair and her father's grey-eyed gaze. She was deeply loved by the two of them and they doted upon her endlessly. It became Katherine's goal to ensure that her daughter was given all of the opportunities that she could receive as the child of a now-Admiral. She wanted to ensure that Charlotte was brought up in proper society and never felt the struggle of feeling estranged from it, as Katherine had. Edward and Katherine held hopes of further children. However, after an incredibly difficult carriage led to the birth of a stillborn son and almost the death of Katherine, it was told to them by the doctor that they would be unable to have further children without risking the life of both child and mother. Edward and Katherine were heartbroken at this news - but both only further turned their affections and attention towards their only child. Thus was Charlotte brought into London society as the Admiral's Daughter. She was lovely - but there was something about her that always seemed bordering on the "wild". Her heart was a passionate one and as she grew, it became increasingly more difficult for Katherine to pin her down for her daily needlepoint or music lessons. Instead, young Charlotte would be found curled in her father's library, pouring over his charts, or watching as the ships moved in and out to sea. Much to Katherine's chagrin, her daughter had her father's desperate call to the sea. Despite himself, Edward could not help but feel his chest swell with pride as his child questioned him in-depth on his naval exploits, the ships he'd commanded, the places he'd seen. She'd walk alongside him down the docks, pointing out the individual ships and calling them out by name. Charlotte would look out to sea and sigh to think of the unexplored places and ventures unknown to them. She would tell her father that someday she would own a lovely little schooner all of her own and she would become a grand explorer in the King's name. However, as Charlotte now moves into the mature age of adulthood, Katherine has begun to encourage her to leave behind such childish dreams and flights of fancy. She has become more invested in Charlotte's place in society, ensuring that she is fully prepared to take her place amongst the other eligible young women so that she may yet have the hope of a proper husband. Charlotte, however, has other plans in mind... ____________________________________ Connections: Players: If any of these write-ups need to be tweaked or adjusted, please let me know and I am very happy to do so! @Abraham Griffen (Steve he/him) - [Close Friend / Potential Romantic Interest?] Charlotte has known Abraham for quite some time. When Abraham first joined the Navy, her father was quick to take him under his wing and her mother ensured that he always had an extended invite to their estate. They grew up alongside one another and often a young Charlotte would help drill Abraham in his naval studies. When Abraham went away, the two remained in as much contact as possible. Upon his return to London, Charlotte was delighted to renew their companionship and help in reintroducing him back into the London society he'd left behind. @(Rachel) Hazel Wynnewood [Mentor] Charlotte has been enamored with Miss Hazel since their first meeting. As the cousin of Abraham, their paths have crossed on the occasion, but Charlotte's fondest memory of her was during one of her family's visits to the theatre. Miss Hazel held herself with such poise and confidence as she "held court" amongst the patrons of her theatre. Charlotte revered that kind of no-nonsense confidence and looked to her as a role model and mentor. @ Duke James Richmond - [Close Friend] Charlotte has a deep set loyalty to James - the origins of which are not known by many. The two have been known to watch one another's backs and cover for each other's indiscretions or in times of need since childhood. Whenever they're around one another, they always seem to be "up to something" with their sidelong glances and subtle smirks. If ever James were in need, Charlotte would be one of the first to come running. @Colonel G.O. Molyneux - [Friend] Though they've not established a deep-set connection, Charlotte enjoys crossing paths with the Colonel at the occasional ball. Often she will request he escort her about the room simply so she can hear of his latest stories. Knowing his inclination to shy away from the more vibrant dances, she'll usually end up gently coercing him into doing her the favor of a waltz. @Lady Violet Heloise Blankeney-Coventry (Elizabeth) - [Friend] The moment James introduced his cousin, Violet, to Charlotte she was immediately taken with the young woman. Her kind nature and sincere belief in "love at first sight" utterly charmed Charlotte and she's now made it her goal to help Violet find that first-sight-love! @Avery/Abigail Pembroke - [Have not yet met] Charlotte & Abigail are a very kindred sort in spirit. Both in love with the sea and sailing. Abigail will absolutely be an inspiration to Charlotte who longs to leave the life of soceity behind and become a student before the mast. @Duchess Eudora St. Clair - [Have not yet met] As two women uninterested in the requirements of society, Charlotte & Eudora are cut from a similar cloth. Very interested to see these two connect! ____________________________________ Wanted Connections: - Friends. Charlotte is a very amiable sort with people of all classes and birth. She would be the kind of person to try and make any wallflower comfortable at a party by drawing them into the social circle. Very likely she may have taken a turn about the room once or twice with your character for a bit of gossip? - Extended family. Though she is an only child, perhaps she could be somebody's cousin? - Naval Officers & the seafaring sort. Charlotte has grown up around the ships and docks so it is very likely that if your character is in the Navy or is of a seafaring sort, she may have crossed paths with them. If you would like to connect with Charlotte, comment below!
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