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Endicott: Evening-only

Endicott: Evening-only

Excluding Sales Tax

Travel to a more romantic era where all peoples are allowed to soar to the heights of the illustrious Society of London. Join us for the daytime-only activities, including a delicious tea and food service.


Schedule of Events for Evening Activities: 

  • 4:30pm - Arrival for Evening-only Participants
  • 5pm-6pm - Dance instruction in the Ballroom
  • 6pm - Evening-only Workshops: To familiarize you with how to play and connect you with other guests
  • 7pm - Dinner Gala: Enjoy a stunning buffet-style dinner 
  • 8pm - Dancing, games, activities, engaging with specialties
  • 9pm - Announcements, games, activities, engaging with specialties
  • 10pm - Dancing, games, activities, engaging with specialties
  • 11pm - Finale events, soft “game off”, time to wrap up your stories, retell adventures with other guests, and celebrate
  • 12pm - Event ends


This package includes:

  • Character to play during the event, designed by you with support from our immersive design team.
  • An exemplary chef-catered tea service with food.
  • Dance instruction by a Regency-era English Country Dance expert and caller.
  • Regency-era games to truly immerse yourself in the world.
  • Professional actors portraying non-player characters to facilitate your interactions and impacts upon the world.
  • A stunning mansion with beautiful grounds and exquisite suites, less than an hour from Logan Airport. 
  • Cash bar.
  • Quiet Space room to re-energize and take breaks.
  • Professional photography by a licensed photographer. 
  • Character Creation:

    Please familiarize yourself with our beautiful Guide for Participants in order to create a character. We will also be able to help you onsite if you are unable to do much preparation-- our event is intentionally easy to "pick up and play". If you have never attended an event like this before, we encourage you strongly to come to our workshops! 


    This is a costumed event, but it is set in an alternate-history 1813, so there is no need to feel 100% historically accurate. We invite you to add to the immersion by wearing your best fancy dress. You are also invited to join our Discord community, where guests and staff will discuss costuming and fashion and help one another when needed!