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Changes And Feedback

Hi all! We are now one month since opening up subscriptions for Romancing Jan and 5 days from officially starting the game. We have learned so much about this game in just this short amount of time, and I would like to share with you and some of the changes we are making based on our findings. Quick info on updates and changes below, or continue reading for detailed analysis. TDLR Summary

  • East Asia and Westlands Tsalagi Nation content added to World!

  • Elizabeth Upshur hired as a full member of the team! She is an amazing contributor and will allow us to continue to grow and support our players with her creative writing and word design.

  • There are now 2+ Newsletters. Choose one or add additional Newsletter subscriptions to get them all. 25% shared content, 75% newsletter specific. 100 player mentions per paper. Choose yours HERE

  • Submit your own suggestions and content for the Newsletters HERE

  • We can Block players you don't want to interact with. Email with names of people who should be blocked for you. Review Code of Conduct here.

  • Want to extra support us? Donation links now available here

Newsletters We underestimated how much interest we would gain before publishing this first Society Gazette which resulted in a couple problems. Problem 1: We were processing so many new characters, that I pushed too close to my writing deadline for the Gazette and I did not give myself time to send it past our editor before publishing. Solution: We will start writing Newsletters earlier in the month, with a hard deadline of the 14th, to give time for editor pass and printing. This means that players signing up in the second part of the month might have to wait a full month before seeing their name in the paper, but they will still be able to correspond and interact. We hope the increase in quality will be worth that delay. We also have hired on Elizabeth Upshur as a staff writer to help balance time with me. She is currently focused on NPC letter writing so Athena can focus on Newsletters and other admin tasks. As subscriber numbers increase we hope we can bring in more writers to balance this load. Problem 2: Cost! We underestimated current printing costs as well as the number of pages it would take to include all of the eligible players. This means we overblew our budget of $5 per newsletter, in that we spend more than that on printing and mailing alone. Solutions: First, multiple newsletters capped at 100 player mentions per newsletter. This will allow us to keep each individual paper to 12 pages, controlling the costs and allowing us to hopefully keep subscription prices where they are. You can choose your preferred paper here. Second, we have found a vendor that will print and mail our newsletters on actual newsprint like a tabloid you might pick up in the store for less than our subscription cost. This saves us time as well as money on the mailing end of things, and should leave $1 per newsletter to pay our writers and admin costs. Third, on suggestion of one of our players we have set up a few ways that you can help offset our costs. You can subscribe to more than one newsletter. 25% of content will be the same, but the other 75% will be specific to the cohort of subscribers. You can donate supplies directly to us. We can always use paper to print out NPC letters, envelopes, stamps, and a collection of different seals and sealing wax for our NPCs. Any of that can be sent to our PO Box H Arlington, MA 02476. You can give a "tip" to our individual staff members if you feel like it. We now have kofi and follow links on our team page here. Or you can also just donate directly to Incantrix Productions to help us keep up with admin costs such as website subscriptions, editing software, etc