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A New Perspective: The Yuhaaviatam People

As part of building the world of Romancing Jan, we are dedicated to building a diverse world that never saw the colonialism our own world did. As part of this project, we have assembled a diverse writing team all across the world to help us build up our setting to show a new and different history.

Today we want to highlight a contribution made by one of our players: Caitlin Nortion! A new player in our game, Caitlin Norton designed an expanded history focusing on the Yuhaaviatam and their sister tribes (known as the Serrano People).

While we’re currently in the process of revamping our website (coming soon!), we hope to add it to our official timeline soon! In the meantime, enjoy this expansion on the Westlands!


The Yuhaaviatam People

1472 - The Algonquin base writing language spreads further west with travelers, reaching the very southwestern tip of the continent. However, instead of adopting this language, several tribes (including the Yuhaaviatam, the Taaqtam, and the Maarrênga’yam, which are all sister tribes) in the area create a joint language based on shared words and meanings. Other tribes in the southwest are doing the same but with their shared base, such as the Dine (Navajo), Pipa Aha Macav (the Mojave), and the Numa (Northern Paiute).