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In developing a world without colonialism, we get to re-imagine many things. One of the most fun is festivals! With the establishment of the powerful trade alliance between the Tsalagi, West African Nations and Britain, we decided there would be an annual tradition where these allies gathered to share cultures, games and knowledge. We asked our writer and cultural consultant Elizabeth Upsur to imagine this gathering for us and she did not disappoint!


The annual festival will be held in West Smithfield to commemorate the trade relations, alliances, and cultures of West Africa, the East Westlands, and the British Isles.

Schedule of Events

All Week Long

Zoological Garden Exhibit: East Westlands bison, Luna moths, trained black bears, eagles. West Africa: Hyenas, pygmy hippos, giraffes, caracals, the mongoose, Goliath frogs, warthogs, Ball pythons, and more!

Fortune telling

Vendors will be selling flavored popcorn and popcorn balls in garlic, chili, butter, or original flavor Puff puff, flavored fried dough balls, in flavors like yam, Tsalagi pumpkin, or British raspberry fruit filled Spicy plantain chips