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In developing a world without colonialism, we get to re-imagine many things. One of the most fun is festivals! With the establishment of the powerful trade alliance between the Tsalagi, West African Nations and Britain, we decided there would be an annual tradition where these allies gathered to share cultures, games and knowledge. We asked our writer and cultural consultant Elizabeth Upsur to imagine this gathering for us and she did not disappoint!


The annual festival will be held in West Smithfield to commemorate the trade relations, alliances, and cultures of West Africa, the East Westlands, and the British Isles.

Schedule of Events

All Week Long

Zoological Garden Exhibit: East Westlands bison, Luna moths, trained black bears, eagles. West Africa: Hyenas, pygmy hippos, giraffes, caracals, the mongoose, Goliath frogs, warthogs, Ball pythons, and more!

Fortune telling

Vendors will be selling flavored popcorn and popcorn balls in garlic, chili, butter, or original flavor Puff puff, flavored fried dough balls, in flavors like yam, Tsalagi pumpkin, or British raspberry fruit filled Spicy plantain chips

Chilled Sombi (sweet coconut rice pudding)

Little Dankopta: over a mile of stands and stalls with Tsalagi beadwork, bows. West African carved canes, bone/beaded/carved wooden jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, arm bands, belts, rings, waist beads, anklets, and good luck charms). Body painting like one’s favorite animal, bronze works, wood cuts, wood carvings, and the like are available for purchase, in addition to foodstuffs, fabrics, ready made clothing, drums, travel packages, and small live animals. The usual Briton items of jams, jellies, meats, and small portraits made by artists such as Lachlan Adair are available.

Large tent exhibits: art tent representing the nations and cultures display masks/statues/rugs/ futures tent represents technological wonders for navigation, new models of wheelchairs, submarines, steam powered

Rides: Hot air balloons, large and exotic animals like elephants, camels, and mechanical 3 mile long tent maze

Monday 19

Opening Ceremonies: parade of nations

Exhibition Dambe match of last year’s champions

100 meter, 200 meter, and 300 meter footraces

Kola Ale 40 flavor tasting tables sponsored by Kola Ale, including boysenberry, lemon, lime, mango, cherry, guava, and more!

The Regent of Love and Beauty— the most beautiful dancer—is crowned and reigns over the week’s festivities

Tuesday 20

A large games and qualifying presentation of combatants from West Africa, British Isles, and the East Westlands

Archery contests non-binary event

Acrobatics, fire breathing, and other Death Defying stunts!

Wednesday 21

Mixed group Dambe semifinal matches

Archery contest men’s events

Pepper Eating contest

Equestrian vaulting in Dahomey style, where athletes perform acrobatic skills both with and on trained horses

Thursday 22

Dambe Standard quarterfinal matches

All day Mancala tournament

Friday 23

Dambe Standard semi final matches

Archery contest women’s events

Pie making contest judged by Daveth Trelawney

Saturday 24

Dambe Mixed Group final matches

Stilt walking contest

Sunday 25

Closing Ceremonies

Final festival Dambe championship match

Dance party

Premiere of Kofi’s Drum Opera, My Beloved is the Ocean, a Beninese folktale about the Sun, the Moon, and the Ocean’s tragic love story

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How will your character participate in the week? Will they compete or bet on a favorite? What dances will they join in on? How did they like the drum opera? Let us know all of this and more by participating in Out of Character discussion on the forums, sending letters about your experiences to each other and NPCs or by sending in your RSVP using our form by Aug 31st so we can report on it in September's Gazette!

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