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Always Room for More Letters

Hi Romanceketeers!

Some of our players have decided to create their own alt-Regency letter game, with mechanics that promote a game style that is more to their taste. We are very excited for them and if you want to see what they are up to please check them out at Yours, Etc. As game developers our art form is strengthened not diminished by more people jumping in and trying out different approaches. And as gamers, it gives us the ability to find something that might be more our cup of tea. If Letter Games are your jam, the Letter Larping blog has a whole host of recommendations for you to try out.

Please know that if you want to play both games, we have no issue with that.

But we also understand limits of time and budget, so if you need to choose one, we encourage you to choose the one that makes you happiest. If that is not us, that is okay. No hard feelings <3

So welcome to the world Yours, Etc! We look forward to seeing you confusing the folks at the Post Office as much as we do ;)

All our best, sincerely,

Athena & The Romancing Jan Team

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Captain Jack
Captain Jack
Jul 24, 2021

Loyal RJ player unto the end here, but best of fortune and fun to the other game!

Replying to

I'm playing both! I'm excited to see the new stories people weave in the same Regency era of history! After all, IRL has many stories in this time period! (of which "Pride & Prejudice" is just one!)

"His Majesty's Dragon", "Horatio Hornblower", "Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell", and "Sharpe's Rifles" are some of the best imho.

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