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Kat Davis
Nov 30, 2021
In General Discussion
Hello Gentlefolk! We've got *four* new players debut-ing in the December Periodical and I figured I'd give you a little sneak peek so that people could reach out with letters and get the ball rolling on connections and such. We'll leave it to them if they want to make their own connections posts, but here are some teaser blurbs about the characters themselves! Lady Odile Beauchamp has become somewhat infamous among the Ton as a young woman who loves to live life to its fullest. A constant fixture at every gala, salon, and other gathering, the only thing Lady Odile seems to enjoy more than a good evening out, is to shop. She is always sporting the latest fashions and more luxurious fabrics and jewels. Despite some of the fuss raising in the wake of her engagement, we can’t help but hope to see Lady Odile sporting Miz Eleanor Buxton’s latest gowns at the Twelfth Night Festival. We were utterly delighted when Miss Alice Faolain-Moreau recently performed at one of Lady Soo Lynn’s salons, toiling the evening away with her harp-playing. Apparently visiting for a time from her father’s landed Estate in France and staying with her maternal Aunt, Miss Fanny Utley, we do hope to see more of Miss Faolain-Moreau. Perhaps a duet with our resident songbird, Miss Elisa Thomas? We’re elated to announce the return of Lt. Col. Adira Hartwright from abroad, although acknowledge it could be under better circumstances. On the one hand, the no-nonsense military doctor comes from an old and respected family and has carried that name with the respect it deserves all across the country and abroad to her service with our forces. On the other hand, it is with a heavy heart that we announce that it is her father’s, Lord Hartwright, recent decline in health that has called her back home again. We wish her father a speedy recovery and that the Lt. Col. enjoy her time back on English shores. Ser Victoria Gloriana Washington has recently returned to society after some time away. Rumor has it that some lowly scoundrel left her heartbroken and, to deal with her pain, Ser Washington turned to the quill and wrote The Promise of Eden; The Dollmaker & the Want For a Heart, her debut novel which has just risen to astronomical popularity in the last month or so. She was even knighted by the queen for Contribution of Arts! We do hope we can be graced with more works from Ser Washington, and perhaps her newly acquired fame will cause a rise in suitors to match her popularity. We'll be updating our Active Player List imminently, but you should feel free to reach out to these fine folk and add them to your penpal rotation list!

Kat Davis

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