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Caroline Nsali Boscawen
Feb 04, 2022
In Event Coordination
--this event is by special invitation sent over regular mail. If you have received an invitation or if you have plotted over private message with me, you can attend. Write up will be sent February 28th, 2022-- First Act The butler guides you into a hallway of gilded walls and a grand staircase that seems to elongate further back. But before reaching the landing of the stairs you are guided to the left towards a set of white double doors that open to a dining room. Instead of its usual one table set, you find two parallel of each other in front of the fireplace. The Boscawen family, Viscount Hugh Boscawen, Viscountess Diana Boscawen, Caroline and Sarah welcome you as you enter the room with smiles. You are guided to one of the tables: Table 1: Headed by the Viscount Hugh Boscawen at one end and his daughter Sarah at the other. Table 2: Headed by the Viscountess Diana Boscawen at one end and Caroline at the other. Everyone settles at a table ((of your preference, next to anyone you prefer)) and the meal begins. Menu: -First Course: Spring Soup- -Second course: Roasted beef, potatoes and steamed vegetables- Third course: Salad, and Charcuterie boards of cheese, meat slides, fruits and some cookies. The Viscountess will announce that the greater dessert will be served later in the evening at an entertainment room before the meal is finished. Second Act: After the dinner the family members encourage you to join them in one of several after dinner activities they will do while Diana sets some desserts and punch for any late appetite. Viscount Hugh Boscawen will state he is retiring for a moment to have cigar and brandy at his studio if anyone wishes to join him. Viscountess Diana Boscawen also invites anyone to join her. She enters what can be described as a nice ball room that has been set up with a few comfortable seats, and a large table is being arranged with a cake, her famous rum cakes, a punch bowl that was made tropical style with fruit juice and rum and some pastries, along with silver ware, dessert plates and glasses. Anyone can serve themselves whatever they wish and take a seat, make conversation with the Lady as they wish. There is a pianoforte on the corner and there are two violin players that were invited to play – at the moment you enter they are resting but can take any request. Sarah enters a drawing room near the front entrance of the home. It is a comfortable room of cream color, some comfortable seats, a fireplace, and some nice windows overlooking the front garden. A pianoforte awaits besides the windows. After making some conversation Sarah is persuaded to play the pianoforte and entertain but she is amicable to yield the instrument to whoever wishes. There is an extra chair and music stand for any other musician with any other instrument. Two love birds were already in the room within a cage that is kept by the fireplace for their warmth. A beautiful cocker spaniel of brown color rest in a pillow at the end of a long couch. Caroline will leave the dining room and invite any friend who wishes to join her in a walk along the hall of Thregothnan house. Walls of pretty wall paper, chandeliers and paintings upon up where she can point to her favorite pieces. Besides some of the European style pieces, there are notable wood statues from the Westlands, stone figures of their Boriken home and even wall hangings of beautiful beading attached to macramé style strings. Caroline will eventually enter a room that appears as a game / billiard room where she will encourage people to relax before her mother calls them into the ball room. Third Act The butler or a maid will announce to your room that the desserts are set up in the ballroom by the Viscountess and any of the family members who were with you will invite you to join them there for some final conversation until whenever people wish to retire. Sarah and the violin players will be opened to perform and entertain. There are enough seats for people to rest, take any last dessert or punch as they wish. The four family members will make sure to be spread wide enough to converse with all guests and continue any conversations that began during the intermediate time people waited right after dinner. At some point the Viscountess will be encouraging some of the young people to do a bit of dancing for fun since, they should all be in practice for when they all see themselves in London on the following days. Whoever wished to express they rsvp and accepted an invitation to sleep over in Tregothnan House to avoid late night traveling can say so at the end as there was plenty of space and a few guest cottages.
Tregothnan House Dinner Party-(from mailed invitation) content media
Caroline Nsali Boscawen
Jul 20, 2021
In Backgrounds and Character dev
Full Name: Honorable Caroline Nsali Boscawen a Nkanga Pronouns: She/Her Sexuality: Lesbian / Demisexual Birthday/Age: September 29, 1793 / 18 Title: Honorable (honorific title when introduced or in letters) History: From the island of Boriken*** comes the story of Caroline Nsali Boscawen. Her father was a landed gentry who decided to expand the family’s estate by establishing a trade to import a famous family rum from the Caribbean Island. Her mother was a woman of mixed Kongolese and Taino heritage whose father had perfected the rum recipe in a cooperative business. Hugh Boscawen had fallen so deeply in love with his wife, that for many years he almost forgot all ties to his land in Cornwall and established his residence in Boriken, learning the culture and language of the island, and raising two beautiful daughters. For many years these two daughters lived in the reality of Boriken’s culture, and they went by Taino and Kongolese names, learning English with the tutelage of their father. The daughters’ names were Nsali and Anani. The family lived a content, happy and modest tropical life until word came from one of the Boscawen ships in 1808 that George Boscawen had fallen ill with complication from the smallpox – and family pressure fell on Hugh to come back to Cornwall to claim and manage his lands and be prepared to take over the peerage if needed. Caroline’s mother, Karaya, felt troubled trying to imagine a full-time life in England. The weather, culture and language would be so foreign to her. But she could not imagine a home without Hugh, and a life for her daughters without their father. With the encouragement of her father, Karaya decided to relocate with her husband to England, making him promise to return if he did not have to answer to the peerage. On the positive she saw it as an opportunity for herself and her daughters to act as Ambassadors to her people and her family’s rum dynasty. Karaya became Diana, Nsali became Caroline and Anani became Sarah – first names they thought would help English people refer to them better – they used their Boriken names as middle names to show their ties to their people. The Caribbean blue became the silver cold Northern Atlantic as the ship made its way to a new life in 1809. By 1810 Caroline Nsali had made her debut into English society at 17. The full year did not pass before she caught the eye of an accomplished businesswoman-who attracted much attention her masculine clothes as many women of her gender presentation. Caroline now rests in the hope that her father will give his final blessing to the match. She has been resting in this hope for about six months well into the next season where her father hoped she would at least catch the attention of a person with noble title. But for a young woman from Boriken with a culture very removed from all these titles, Betsey Martinez of Spain stands as a grand person in her heart. Maybe the support of a few friends will help her remain in her resolve. *** Fast Reference Boriken is the indigenous name of Present History Puerto Rico. Connections Wanted: -Friendships: Caroline would be a good friend for other debutantes even if game-wise I am not placing her in the marriage market. She can be an encouraging voice for all social ventures of the heart. She is loving the learning experience of getting to know the new society she finds herself in. If you win her confidence she may disclose how far her own courtship is going. She loves conversations about languages, literature, the arts, lady's accomplishments and social outings. -People interested in wanting to chit chat about Rum: Perhaps you learn who her family is, perhaps you heard of her mother's rum cakes which may become rather famous very soon. Either way...people wanting to speak of the trade business are welcome. For quite a gentle lady Caroline knows her liquors (in moderation of course) -People from Cornwall or friends of the Boscawens - feel free to welcome the newest addition to the neighborhood. -Book clubs, philosphy and art lectures - you are welcome to invite Caroline to events of this nature as she is very interested in the subjects. How to address in letters: Miss Caroline Boscawen or Miss Boscawen. (Her family sometimes call her Nashi [Nashee] - related to how her name is pronounced) Family Connections: British relatives: Paternal Grandfather: Lord George Hugh Boscawen, Previous Viscount of Falmouth (deceased) Uncle: Lord George Boscawen the 2nd, Previous Viscount of Falmouth (deceased / October, 1811) Immediate Family Father: Lord Hugh Boscawen, Viscount of Falmouth Mother: Viscountess Diana Boscawen nee Nvita a Nkanga (full Boriken Name: Diana Karaya Boscawen a Nkanga / Honorific Title - Lady of the Kingdom of Kongo) Sister: Sarah Boscawen (Boriken Name: Sarah Anani Boscawen a Nkanga / Honorific Title - Lady of the Kingdom of Kongo) (Caroline has the same honorific title given by her maternal grandfather's family) Maternal Grandfather: Nvita a Nkanga: Honorific title Lord Courtier of the Kingdom of Kongo - given as the son of a sitting King Maternal Grandmother: Tinima a Nkanga Family Estate: Tregothnan House: I'm using wattpad to write some blurbs for Caroline in her intimate settings and her family life. Not to be knowledge in game but posting here for her POV: Tik Tok Aesthetics- @ caroline_nsali

Caroline Nsali Boscawen

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