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I'm Rachel. I'm a Philly based Opera Singer and all around creative.


Name: Hazel Otillie Wynnewood

Age: 31

Occupation: General Director at The Wilde Violet Theatre

Location: London. Travels a lot for work.

Hometown: Harrogate

Education: Oxford

Bio: Hazel is the Eldest Wynnewood daughter. She graduated Oxford and is the General Manager at The Wilde Violet Theatre. She‘s spent her debutant years building her career and now she wants to invest more in her personal life. Hazel is whip smart, charismatic and always in the know. However she associates with many lowly theatre people which makes her seem a bit... messy. also she’s Jewish so.

Wanted Connections: Siblings. Hazel is one of four. Her older brother and his family live a much richer, posher life as he’s a successful lawyer. She also has a rake younger brother and much younger and more desirable sister. She also has a widowed busybody mom.

(Rachel) Hazel Wynnewood

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