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Lord Percival Andrew Moore (Quinn)
Jun 13, 2021
In Backgrounds and Character dev
(I am so knew so please if there's anything else I should add or correct, do inform me. I also accidentally deleted what I put in character creation so some of this might be different, but I'll do my best. If it is different, I will change it at a later date) General Info Lord Percival Andrew Moore (or Percy to family and Drew to friends) is the second son of Lord Charles Herbert Moore and Lady Agnes Byrne-Moore. He grew up in a Catholic household in Ireland and was expected to find a good marriage to a lord or lady with whom he can start a family. He was expected to become a scholar or soldier and was never meant to inherit any titles or responsibilities. As a child he was a bit rebellious, but only where no one could see him. He maintained a good reputation as a devoted son and brother. On the occasion that his sister, Charlotte Mary Moore, had her honor called into question (which was quite often) and he would send a stern letter to the offender with thinly veiled threats of financial destruction (at which certain offenders have since realized he is very adept). He has always had a brain for business and has kept the family's investments under control since he was fourteen when their former investment advisor skedaddled with a large sum of their money. He started his own business when he was nineteen and has made his own fortune (much to his parent's dismay) in the years since. His business is mostly tea based, but he never shies away from an interesting new venture. He is also a known patron of the performing arts with his favorite being opera. His father has been ill for a period of two years now with something that affects his memory and Lady Agnes had given their eldest son, Percy's brother, James Charles Moore the obligations of Earl of Drogheda and use of the title. Recently, Percy's brother has been struggling with a bout of sadness that seems to last eternally, and no one can seem to help him out of his low mood (OOC: it's depression, something with which I am intimately familiar). At a loss as to how to help their eldest and wishing to relieve some of James' reported fatigue, Lady Moore had been slowly giving Percy more and more of Jame's duties. James agrees that this is the best move and has petitioned that the title be given to Percy--something of which Percy is NOT a fan, however, he will do anything for family. He realizes that with the Drogheda title comes matrimonial obligations as well and while it's not something he focuses on, he does welcome the idea of someone to share his home with. He doesn't like his first name as it was his maternal grandfather's and that Percival was very strict and never kind. He doesn't mind being called Percy by family, but he will not easily forgive the slight of addressing him as Percival if you know better... and if you know him at all, he will make sure you know better. He prefers Andrew, but to him one full first (or in this case middle) name is more intimate than a shortened first (or middle) name or a name that includes a title or surname, so to friends he is Drew. Details Pronouns: He/Him Title(s): (not officially) Earl of Drogheda and Viscount of Moore Age/Birthdate: June, 19th, 1785 Height: 6'2" Build: slim, but not bony Hair: blonde, but it's so light that some call it white Eyes: dark gray/green Orientation: pansexual (with a preference for masc-presenting, but if he connects with a fem-presenting person, he will absolutely pursue that connection) Romance RP/Comfort Level: He likes connection and it would absolutely be a slow burn but if you are interested, he might be too. Forms of Address: I put this over in the Filling in Info Blanks thread and it's a lot so go check that out if you are so inclined. Homes/Estates: He spends most of his time at his favorite of family houses: Killruddery House. He will occasionally venture to London for business or social engagements, but he is not a huge fan of more crowded places so he prefers the country. When he is in London he keeps his stays short and to the point and resides at Burgh House. His family's main home is Moore Abbey, but he has always found it less charming than Killruddery House. Connections Known Family: --Lord Charles Herbert Moore - his father who is now having memory issues --Lady Agnes Byrne-Moore - his mother, a strong woman who was Lady Byrne before marriage --Lord James Charles Moore - his older brother, now suffering from depression --Miss Charlotte Mary Moore - his younger sister with a rebellious streak --Lord Percival Thomas Byrne - his maternal grandfather who was strict and didn't care for his name being given to a second son Other Notable Pets: --Toast - a stand-offish tortoiseshell female cat who gets jealous of Andrew's friends and family if they get too close to him --Butter - a very affectionate white tom cat who is always seeking out Toast --Jam - a kitten whose personality is only playful at this stage of his life They are all naturally sterile if neutering was not a thing yet because I don't know when that was invented and I want to be a responsible bean. Conversation Starters/Rumors/Possible Connections: --Could be a business prospect --Could be asking for assistance in the financial destruction of a rival (He would LOVE that) --Could know his siblings (more likely his sister, but could be his brother too) --Could be looking for a good match for yourself or friend or family --Could be asking for advice in business --Could be a friend from school --Could be a fellow lover of theatre and they met (or you saw him) at the opera --Could be a former rival who either was or wasn't ruined financially looking for revenge or something --Could have seen him in the streets of London chasing cats and want to tease and or ask him about it --Whatever else you want to do
Lord Percival Andrew Moore (Quinn)
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