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Morven Blackwood (Jenn)
May 27, 2021
In Backgrounds and Character dev
Name: Morven Blackwood Pronouns: she/her Orientation: straight Birthday: April 12th Title(s): Dame (received Baronetcy 6/18/11) Interests: Poetry, riding, folk tales and story telling, Love language: one on one time, cursing in Gaelic How should she be addressed in letters? For new correspondence / strangers / formally: Miss Morven Blackwood For familiar/friends: Morven For intimately familiar: Mab Address: Carnelian House Mayfair, London Bio: Morven is 27 and recently came to England from Scotland- her parents sent her there in hopes of securing a marriage contract. She's staying with a wealthy relative (Lady Amelia Blankeney). She loves poetry, riding, picnics and libraries. She has two older brothers and a younger sister back in Scotland (all of whom are married- she finally agreed to come to London after her younger sister's wedding in 1810, at her mother's suggestion). She loves poetry- will fangirl over Lord Byron to anyone who will listen. Known to be an excellent horse rider and mediocre piano player. Family Connections: Second cousins with Lady Violet Blankeney-Coventry, Lady Eleanor Savery and Duke James Richmond Conversation Starters: You want to know about Scotland! Compliments on the moors are welcome, as is asking what Scotsman wear under their kilts. You are interested in tartan fabric and/or the traditions associated with it. You had a teacher who taught at the University of Glasgow 1799-1802. Morven didn't focus her studies, so it could be almost any subject. She did take astronomy with Professor Aiken (NPC). Your staff reaches out to Morven's maid, Doreen MacGregor, to stir up rumors or gossip. You heard about Morven shouting Gaelic curses at Marquis Silas Hyatt-Gale in London in June (I'm more active on the Unofficial RJ Discord server)
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Morven Blackwood (Jenn)
Mar 02, 2021
In General Discussion
Name: Morven Blackwood Titles: None (untitled peerage) Bio: Nearly-spinster (26) Lowland Scottish daughter, sent to the London season as a last resort by her mother. She's less eager to get married and more so to find a poet to swoon over. She will talk poetry to anyone and is less well-versed in proper etiquette- though she tries, she just has rough edges. She is very mediocre on the pianoforte, but an excellent and adventurous horse rider. Toilichte coinneachadh riut*! Seeking Connections: Poets & poet-enthusiasts (for romance or platonic friendship) Artists (for romance or platonic friendship) Fellow first-seasoners to be newbies with Friends to write about crushes to If you'd like a connection, but aren't sure where to start, PM me! Longer Bio & Details: She has 2 deerhounds named Thunder & Lightning. She has a bengal kitten named Lord Byron She's a little insecure about her very strong accent [More here later] Relationships: Second cousins with @Duke James Richmond (Greg) @Lady Violet Heloise Blankeney-Coventry (Elizabeth) & @Eleanor Savery (Hilary) *Scots Gaelic for pleased to meet you
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Morven Blackwood (Jenn)

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