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Dowager Viscount Celeste Snow
Feb 16, 2021
Character name: Dowager Viscount Celeste Snow Bio: A young widow, Celeste is a renown opera singer, elevated to gentry by marriage. Her late husband, a collector of fine arts with a hair-trigger temper, considered her a feather in his cap. When he passed, suddenly, unexpectedly, and suspiciously, Celeste managed the barest social expectations of grief and remorse. Some consider it a masque, nothing more. Since then, Celeste has entertained a variety of lovers, male and female both. And yet, none of her dalliances have manifested in serious marriageable opportunities. Still she makes herself coolly available to potential contracts, as if she separates passion from social advantage. Rumor considers her a heartless opportunist. Jealousy or truth? You decide. Should one be looking, Celeste is often to be found either in the stables or on trail with her latest project--training elite horseflesh. It is said she enjoys the company of horses, hounds, and hawks, better than human beings. And yet, she can also often be found having dinner with the groomsmen or sharing a glass of expensive Bordeaux with the scullery maids. She has very little care for class distinction. Wanted connections: - riding companions - romantic entanglements, with or without the entanglement - friends interested in art and music, as well as intellectual debate - potential marriage contracts that improve her financial and social standing. She scoffs at the idea of "true love" though is fascinated by those around her who believe

Dowager Viscount Celeste Snow

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