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Lady Euphemia Griffen
May 27, 2021
In Backgrounds and Character dev
Lady Euphemia Griffen, Aged 20 Pronouns: She/Her Birthday (Age): September 22, 1790 (20) Sexuality: Euphemia is primarily heterosexual. However, she is open to polyamorous relationships and would not be opposed to being involved with a woman as a more secondary partner. So I suppose she could be best defined as "heteroflexible" and open to monogamy or polyamory. Appearance: Dark brown hair, sapphire blue eyes. She is 5'1" and weighs 113lbs. She is slim built with an ample bosom. How to be Addressed in Letters: Lady Griffen, Lady Euphemia, Euphemia, Effie (most to least formal, Effie is for close friends only.) Family: Father: Lord Trevor Griffen, Marquess of Salisbury Mother: Lady Dorothea Digby-Griffen, Marchioness of Salisbury Brother: Earl Quintin Griffen (37) and his wife (TBD) Countess Griffen Sister: Lady Letitia Griffen-Fox (33) and her husband (TBD) Brother: Lord Abraham Griffen (30) Sister: Lady Amelia Griffen (18) Cousin: Lady Hazel Otielle Wynnewood About: Euphemia is a very pretty young woman who is struggling during this lack of social season because she fully intended to rely heavily on her looks. She is an artist who is known for painting breathtaking landscapes of The Westlands from her travels abroad. Euphemia is currently working on opening an art gallery with Lady Octavia Thistledown to display her various paintings from her travels. She is also currently practicing portraiture and asking friends and family to sit for portraits. Thus far her portrait work has had glowing reviews from the parties featured. She is also very involved in charity work- most notably her work with The Bamber Home for Orphaned Girls in London. Euphemia collects all kinds of donations for the orphanage and also visits with the girls and takes them on small outings on a fairly regular basis. She has a fondness for children and a strong desire to be a mother. Euphemia also takes part in various other charitable endeavors. She has recently moved from Hatfield House to Cranborne Manor to help tend to the lands and people while her brother, Abraham Griffen, is busy sailing. She takes great care of the people and is involved in the village. She enjoys gardening and helping the cook in the kitchen to learn about how food is used and sourced. This is, after all, great knowledge to pass on to the orphans. It is known that Euphemia has a "nervous disposition" as far as animals are concerned. Although Euphemia has no problem with more domesticated animals (dogs, cats, birds) she is incredibly nervous around horses and other wild animals. She was thrown from the back of a horse at a young age and nearly trampled and has been afraid of horses ever since. Euphemia is most certainly on the hunt for a husband and is actively reaching out to suitors from the suitor's corner in the hopes of making a match. Her number one requirement is "handsome", however Euphemia is a romantic at heart and could be easily won over by someone less than spectacular looking should they have the right combination of traits to tempt her. However, at the moment, she is completely enamored with Marquess Conor O'Daleigh and is convinced she will marry him. Conversation Starters: Effie is a huge gossip so if you want to spill some tea or ask about other people, she's happy to obliges. Anything to do with charities. She is currently very busy with helping with her own favorite endeavor (The Bamber Home for Orphan Girls) but is always willing to donate to worthy causes or to help others with their charities. Advice. Effie loves to give advice- good or bad- to people. She is especially fond of doling out romantic advice despite being very inexperienced herself. Art! Euphemia considers herself a great artist. She has painted plenty of landscapes in her travels as well as some portraits of foreign peoples. She is now getting into painting portraits of her friends and family. She also is not opposed to painting you a lover's eye if you need one for your sweetheart. Upcoming Events: Debut Reception Everbloom Ball Sunderlin Ghost Hunt Soft Gallery Opening (invite only) Denoument Ball Gallery Opening
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Lady Euphemia Griffen

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