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Lady Charlotte Merriweather (Merry)
Feb 23, 2021
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What are you guys reading to get inspired? I'm guessing many of you are history nerds like me. If you're at all interested in the history of the British isles, I cannot recommend Ian Mortimer's "Time Traveler's Guide" books enough. He's good at architecture and technology and agriculture, and all those little details that make good slice-of-life stuff. We're of course going to be tweaking things in the world, but a lot of this is still going to be quite useful. Tell me what you're reading. I need to fluff out my TBR list.
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Lady Charlotte Merriweather (Merry)
Feb 16, 2021
In General Discussion
Character Name: Lady Charlotte Merriweather Bio (2-3 Sentences): Lady Merriweather is a charming widow of independent means, seeking entertainment, companionship, and Unfortunately we lost her husband, Captain Hawke, at Trafalgar. Word is that Lady Merriweather shot the Frenchman who killed the Captain though, so good for her. At any rate, after his death, Lady Merriweather seems to have lost the taste for the seafaring life and retired. She fell off the face of the map for a while (as tends to happen to ladies in mourning) but she has re-emerged in her native Yorkshire once more and made herself at home. Wanted Connections: - Navy and navy-adjacent folks who would have known her and her husband. - Ladies of a similar age (late twenties) with whom she may have gone to school - Snark buddies - romantic interests? - those wishing to discuss arts and music

Lady Charlotte Merriweather (Merry)

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