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Character Name: Mr. James Hughes, MP (he/him) Player name: Faith (she/her) Age: 36

Height and Weight: 5’11”, 165 lbs

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Blue

Skin color: Light

Sexual Orientation: Demisexual

Marital status: Widower, reentering the marriage market. Homes: Primarily in London but also has a country home (Location TBD)

Education: Eton, then Cambridge


As the younger son of a viscount, James understood from an early age that he must make his own way in the world. Unlike his father and elder brother, he has always been quiet, studious and frugal. Hewas often overlooked by his father and brother as a child, for he did not share their charms or good looks, preferring to keep to the library than pursue sporting or socializing. He studied the law and became a barrister, with the aim to one day take the county seat as a member of parliament, a feat he later achieved at age 30.

Eventually James did turn his eye toward marrying. He looked for a wealthy spouse that shared his morals but also came with wealth. He eventually met his first wife, a the daughter of a Malaysian mining heiress. His wife shared his work ethic and sense of duty. Their marriage was first and foremost a business negotiation. Her family wanted connections to an esteemed family and he needed a wealthy spouse to help with his political career. It was not a love match, but the pair respected each other and were good friends. She remained very involved with her own family’s business even after marriage and during her pregnancy. However, the pregnancy was complicated, and she died not long after bringing their daughter Bella into the world. James was heartbroken by his wife’s death, but some would say his response was cold, as he continued to devote himself fully to his work. He has never been one to let his own emotions get in the way of his goals.

Mr. Hughes continued to serve as MP and raise his daughter on his own (along with a nursemaid of course). His daughter is now three years old, and he is beginning to fear that he cannot parent and continue his political pursuits. He is now in search of a partner to help support his career and help him raise his daughter. He is returning to London for the season, not only because parliament is in session, but also to help bring out his niece, the young Charlotte Hughes (Another player), whose father (James’s older brother) recently passed. Though James generally detests social affairs, he finds this year he will have little chance of avoiding them.

Mr. James Hughes MP

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