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**Name:** Eleanor Buxton

**Pronouns**: She/her

**Age:** 19 (born December 1, 1792)

**Marital status:** Engaged to Lady Tabitha de Beauchamp

**Orientation:** Bi/pan

**Social status:** Upper merchant/nouveau riche

**Profession:** Proprietor, Buxton's Clothiers

**Form of Address:** Miz, Miss, or Mistress Buxton are all fine; Eleanor to intimate friends and family

**Home location** London; Buxton's Clothiers is on Bond Street and Eleanor lives nearby on Brook Street


Mother: Dorothea Buxton, deceased last year

Father: James Buxton, died in military service in the beginnings of the Napoleonic Wars in 1803


Eleanor is the only daughter of James and Dorothea Buxton. After James's death, Dorothea put her talents and eye for fashion to work by founding Buxton's Clothiers, which rapidly became one of *the* places for the fashionable high-society set to be dressed. Eleanor grew up in the shop, and developed her own keen eye for fashion and head for business, so when Dorothea succumbed to pneumonia a year ago, Eleanor was well placed to take over despite her youth.

She has a reputation for wit and cunning. The shop is very prosperous, though obviously not at the level of wealth that the nobility can command. She is conventionally attractive, with brown hair and hazel/brown eyes.

She is, perhaps, a bit of a social climber, eager to improve her standing in the world, but also proud to carry on the name and work of Buxton's. She has a black and white English setter puppy named Reginald. She debuted in the 1811 season at Queen Charlotte's reception, and appeared at the Everbloom Ball. She also attended the Denouement Ball, though of course in costume. After that time, she was seen increasingly often in the company of Lady Tabitha de Beauchamp, and they announced their engagement in the fall of 1811. A spring wedding is anticipated.

Eleanor Buxton (Kath)

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