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Duchess Rosaline Daniels (Kim)
Mar 04, 2021
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Hi, I made a post on the connections thread but I figured as I expanded the character I figured I might as well make my own! Character name: Duchess Rosaline Daniels (she/her) (used to be Miss Rosaline Ashton) Birthday: October 30th, 1887 (age 23) Short bio: WItty, charming, and the youngest child of a wealthy, but not titled, landowner, meant her becoming the second wife of a childless duke and duchess was quite shocking. She married the couple in June of 1808. She announced her pregnancy in July of 1808. Her daughter, Hope, was born on February 19th, 1809. Sadly tragedy struck the Daniels' home twice and now Rosaline is a widow twice-over. Now her mourning period has ended and she is re-entering society. The wealthy widow isn't interested in marriage, but perhaps the right suitor could change her mind. More details: - Grew up slightly isolated on her family's estate and educated primarily through private tutors - Has an older sister and brother - She debuted in 1807 but didn't seem to take the marriage market seriously and was known as a bit of a flirt and a wild child - Her engagement in 1808 to the Duke and Duchess was fairly short - She was about a decade younger than both her spouses - Her daughter, Hope, is freshly 2, and Ros is an extremely devoted mother - Both of her spouses died within a year of each other A real quick timeline of public information: 1808 -Late May/Early June: Engagement announced and married about a week later -July: Pregnancy announced 1809 -February: Goes into labor early and gives birth to a healthy baby girl -May/June: Duchess Elizabeth Daniels dies of an illness and the household goes into mourning 1810 - March: Duke Peter Daniels falls off his horse and dies 1811 - March: Rosaline's mourning period is over and she is expected to re-enter society Connections: - Friends (of all types! Old and new) - Relatives (cousins, aunt, uncles, anything goes) - Old flames and/or new suitors - If anybody wants a patron/business partner...
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Duchess Rosaline Daniels (Kim)

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