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Lady Theodosia Graves (She/Her Rachael)
Feb 22, 2021
In General Discussion
Theodosia Graves, daughter of Viscountess Selina Graves, is not the ideal vision of a Lady as one might imagine but she is a loving and obedient daughter even when she does not want to be. Her mother was not of such high status before she met Theo’s father and became pregnant. Theo’s father passed away when she was a mere three years old, and after that her mother remarried several times- each time climbing the social ladder until she received her high rank. Unfortunately her mothers luck in love has been troubled, as she has been widowed several times over. Theo was quite the mischievous child, always getting into trouble and doing things that a proper young lady ought not to do. As she grew into her teens, she settled down a bit but still has a wild streak. She enjoys gambling, fighting sports, racing, and good gossip. She has also spent time learning the things she finds dull and boring. Needlework, Piano, Reading... but her interests lie more in riding, and caring for her horses and taking risks. The company she keeps is not always the most appropriate. Theo wants to have fun, and hates the fact that rules and societal norms of what is expected of her gets in the way. Her mother is pressuring her to marry, and to marry well. She has dreams of her daughter becoming a Marquess or even a Duchess. Theo is often torn between her mothers ideals and her own. Does she really care about her social status? Does she care more about marrying for love? Can she handle her mother being disappointed in her? Despite her underlying feelings of wishing to marry for more than just a good arrangement and perhaps even love, her mother's pressuring is steering her to find a better life for herself. Theo is not above going behind people's backs to get what she wants, but she is loyal to those she loves and cares about. Theo loves animals. She has been rescuing retired racehorses from a young age, and she also owns several winning racehorses that she has raised and trained herself. Her beloved Pomeranian Ezra is often by her side. Connections Wanted: ALL OF THEM. I have no connections in the game! I have a few specific things that I am looking for, but I am open to any and all other connections. I have several romance connections listed, and Theo is pansexual for reference. -A previous love. -A childhood friend(s) who might have gotten up to mischief with Theo (and probably still do!) -Gambling Connections -Horse Racing Connections -Love interests -Another friend who loves gossip -Someone that Theo truly cares about and would never do any harm to, verbally or socially. Essentially someone that she would always want to protect. Thank you! Looking forward to playing with you all! <3

Lady Theodosia Graves (She/Her Rachael)

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