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Cait Rose
Feb 21, 2021
In General Discussion
Hi! I’m Cait (25; she/her) and I’m playing Lady Eliza Gregory (21; she/her)! A little bit about Eliza: she is the youngest of the Gregory children. (Her older sister, Lavania is being played by Kaleen T!) She is 21 and this is her first season! Eliza’s biggest want in life is to make a family with a high status husband. She is very calculated when she is in the public eye, and is often judging “her competitors.” Her only true friends are her siblings because she doesn’t trust others. To her parents, she is the perfect daughter. She excels in women’s hobbies (embroidery, painting, piano), is very poised and polite, and is devoutly religious. She is spoiled, and often wears new dresses to church on Sunday. Eliza, on the surface, is the perfect wife. Perhaps, there is more under the surface though? *I loosely based her on Sansa Stark from the beginning of the series* Looking for: -romantic interests -frienemies -actual enemies I’m so excited to play with everyone!

Cait Rose

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