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Lady Bruce-Hervey, Marchiness of Ailesbury &c.
Aug 01, 2021
In Backgrounds and Character dev
Hello! Starting with today, August , 2021, I am going to try to keep an update list of who is an active character. I've run it by Athena and confirmed all of the current active Player Character names as of today. I plan to update this monthly. If anyone were to comment below that they are leaving before the first of the next month, I would definitely adjust accordingly. These are copied from the bold names in the Gazette, so titles and spelling might have errors as far as being not exactly how you wish your character to be presented so please comment if you'd like an edit made to this list. I hope this helps anyone not sure who to write to, or not sure why they never got a response from a month ago, etc etc etc!(It is alphabetical by surname.) Current Active Player Character List (30) Lady Bellamy, Yvette Captain Blackmore, J.R. Miss Boscawen, Caroline Nsali Lady Buxton, Eleanor Lady Chapman, Clara Jane Lady Coulbourne, Eleanor Lady Curtis, Olivia Wilhelmina Amelia Dayang Dakila, Malaya Duchess Daniels, Rosaline Lady de Beauchamp, Tabitha Catherine Louise Lady DeLaine, Amaris Captain Griffen, Abraham Miss LaBelle, Callisto Rose Reverend Lincoln, William Countess Llewellyn, Morrigan Lady Montagu, Adelaide Elianna Lady Moonshire, Ellianna Darling Mr. Moore, James Lord Moore, Percival Andrew Major Pendleton, Gregory Dr. Ritter, Karsten Lt. Commander Rosemont, Amelia Lady Taethath of House Serdanhia Dowager Viscount Snow, Celeste Lord Soulemon, Andres Lord Starling, Carrington Lady Thistledown, Octavia Miss Thomas, Elisa Lady Wellsley, Rosalind Miss Wynnwood, Hazel Ottile Recently Retired Character List (15) (Kept up briefly to let people know if they are in mid-correspondence!) Lady Ashbrooke, Arabella Lord Asquith, Dylan Lord Aston, Ian Lord Beauclerk, Aramis Lady Bruce-Hervey, Lorelai Earl Capel, Elizabeth Sir Fell, Peter Mx. Flynn, Eli Lady Merriweather, Charlotte Lady Moore (née Hazelton), Primrose Ms. Owen, Flora Earl Steele, Imogen Captain Sunderlin, Katharine Lord Tennyson, Hugh The Honourable Miss Willowbrooke, Sophia Last Updated 09/27/2021

Lady Bruce-Hervey, Marchiness of Ailesbury &c.

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