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Lady Ava Conner
Jul 01, 2021
In Backgrounds and Character dev
Name: Ava Conner Pronouns: She/Her Sexuality: Asexual/sex ambivalent Appears in: Birthday (Age): Feb 9, 24 Title(s): Lady How should you be addressed in letters? Lady Ava Conner, Lady Ava, Ava(close connections) Family connections(all npcs atm): Fiance(deceased)(39): Lord Vernon Wayne Putman Mother(65)(deceased): Lady Charlene Delcie Conner Father (73): Joel Phillip Driver III, esq. Sisters: Lady Arshell Arabella Conner(32) Lady Joelle Elizabeth St Claire nee Conner (27) HUSBAND: Michael St Claire (38) Nieces: (arshell's daughters out of wedlock)Tiera Ava Zinn(19) and Kyra Rue Zinn(16) CONNECTIONS WANTED Literature Food and beverage Natural philosophy Pets Widow and widower Charity work
Lady Ava Conner of Connacht Ireland content media

Lady Ava Conner

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