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Lt. Col. Adira Hartwright Ph.D.
Dec 01, 2021
In Backgrounds and Character dev
Name: Adira Hartwright Title: Lt. Col. Lady Adira Hartwright, PhD Pronouns: She/Her Sexuality: Pansexual Marriage Status: Single Birthday (Age): February 1st, 1787 (24) Height: 5’9” Home: Kedleston Hall Favorite Color: Navy Blue ------------------------------------------------- How to refer to Adira when writing: Formally: Lt. Col. Adira Hartwright Ph.D., Lady Adira Hartwright Ph.D. Socially: Dr. Hartwright, Dr. Adira Familiar: Adira Best of friends: Adi Home Address: Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Public Personal History The only child of the wealthy Hartwright family, Adira worked hard to uphold her family's prestigious reputation. She's always been a determined woman and made a great deal of effort to prove herself in her schooling. However much to her parent's dismay, she joined the military as a doctor, seeking to support the war effort with her medical prowess. After several years of service, she has returned home on extended leave as her father has recently fallen ill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connections Wanted Friends - Adira would get along well with other academics or very sensibly minded people. She has a soft spot for anyone willing to work hard and learn new things. Perhaps we were students together at an academy, or find ourselves talking often after symposiums and lectures, or maybe we've known each other since childhood. Comrades in arms- Adira has served the military for a few years, moving around not only to provide medical aid but to help teach other surgeons. Perhaps our characters met during her deployment. Academic Organizations- Philosophy, science, industry, all of these are interests to Adira. If there is such a club of like-minded folk she'd be open to joining. And if there isn't currently maybe she'll start one. Romance- While she has entertained the idea of getting married, she's always been caught up in her work. Now that she's back on English shores love may strike when she least expects it. Other- Have an idea for a connection? I'd love to hear your ideas!
Lt. Col. Lady Adira Hartwright, Ph.D. (connections wanted) content media

Lt. Col. Adira Hartwright Ph.D.

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