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Price Increases and 2 Month Financial Review

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Greetings Romanceketeers! (and anyone else interested in the finances of indie RPG facilitation)

It has been over two full months of running Romancing Jan now which gives us the ability to finally test our hypothesis of costs vs actual costs. One of our core values is transparency with our player-base, and so we are presenting our findings and results to everyone.

6/02/2021 UPDATED FAQs below

Short and Sour Version:

  • Actual costs are much higher than anticipated, as a result we will need to raise rates and cap letter send per player each month to keep going. Please know we do not want to curtail anyone’s enthusiasm for writing, this was a difficult decision to come to but is based on labor as well as ability to keep up with the content created which both cost time and money.

  • You will see those new rates on our Pricing Plan Page.

  • Players are free to voluntarily switch to the higher rate now. Simply cancel your current plan and sign up for the new one.

  • As of July 15th, 2021 all the old monthly subscriptions will be canceled and you will need to add on one of the new ones to continue playing.

  • We will need to go back down to one Periodical for now, until we reach past 200 total (Reader and Player) subscriptions and can then re-evaluate. We intend to add pages to the periodical to fit content as needed without raising rates, but will need to analyze the feasibility.

New rates:

  • Digital Reader: $5/ month receive the digital version of the Periodical once per month

  • Paper Reader Membership: $10/ month one periodical delivered physically and digitally

  • Player (No NPC) Membership: $25/ month receive digital and physical periodical, Send up to 10 letters per month to other players

  • Player Membership: $35/ month receive digital and physical periodical, receive 1 letter from a non-player character per month, Send up to 10 letters per month to other players