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Our Inspirations

Games and media that inspired us to create Romancing Jan and might inspire you!

Image by LSE Library

The Complete Works of Jane Austen

Our inspiration as well as the inspiration for many of our inspirations. She published her six novels during the Regency Era and her observation of the English Landed nobility is what has defined that era for generations since.

Marrying Mr. Darcy

This fun and well designed strategy card game by  Erika Svanoe and Erik Evensen was our initial inspiration to create a game in this world. We especially loved the use of characteristics to define each character's strength and weaknesses. We highly recommend picking up a copy to play yourself:

Marrying Mr. Darcy.jpg


We love the racial diversity and design aesthetic of this re-imagining of Regency society as depicted by Shonda Rimes and Netflix. This show is based on the novels by the same name by Julia Quinn.

Gentleman Jack

While Anne Lister's story is set a few years further along than ours, the depiction of this strong independent lesbian in British landed society spurred our imaginations. Can't say if we want to date or be her...maybe both.

Anne Lister.jpeg
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