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A diverse and inclusive alternative history Regency inspired Experience.

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Regency London 1811. 

Immerse yourself in an alternative world inspired by the fiction of Jane Austen but set in an England where High Society treats all people of any gender, sexuality, race, or ethnicity as equals.

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The World.

Our alternate 1811 is regency reimagined in a None Colonial context.  All Nations stand as equals in war and peace. art & trade is at the height of prosperity, the working class toils away in disillusion, Napoleon stretches out across Europe in conquest, and the diverse peoples of London trade barbed words, gossip and flirtation. 

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Write letters with us and immerse yourselves in the vibrant and scandalous world of romancing jan, operated entirely via physical mail. All you need is a quill and a mind of thoughts from which to speak! Indulge in our monthly gazette and keep up to date on the latest scandal, gossip, intellect and politics of our version of 1811. 

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A night in Endicott.

Have you heard? The ever blooms are holding a ball at the splendorous grounds of Endicott manor next year. We can hardly wait, all the debutantes have been counting down the days since this morrow! Join us in our all-new physical event where we harken all the way back to 1812 - in person. A true regency ball awaits. 

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Code of Conduct.

A most necessary part of any civil notion - the conduct of players are expected to be at the height of propriety! Romancing Jan is a game that may deal with various mature concepts such as war, political conflict, injury and adult language. The code bears guidelines on how the average gentle person should conduct themselves while engaging in play.

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Our Team

Our team is comprised of diverse narrative designers, writers and consultants, all of whom made the world of romancing jan possible through their diverse lens. With each writer representing their backgrounds and paying enormous attention to the ecology of the world based on their experiences, we were able to create a truly representative manifold of cultures and customs within the fabric of romancing jan. 

 Navigate Our World.

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Send your letters. Find Friendship. Love. Enemies.
All is well. 

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