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Lady Lavinia Gregory

Age: 24

Home: Ipswich, Christchurch Manor

Lavinia is the second child of Lady Charlotte Gregory and Lord Stephen Gregory. She has an older brother by four years, Edmund, who is the heir of the family, and a twin brother and sister, Eliza (**IG played by Cait O'B.**) and Roger, who are three years her junior. The family estate is the Christchurch Manor in Ipswich, a small, but well maintained estate and lands.

Growing up Lavinia was always considered slightly ‘odd’ by her family and the household staff, but she was always very kind and had a very inquisitive personality. From a young age she displayed a keen mind, and was constantly asking questions. “Why?” was easily the most spoken word out of her mouth. She was both a delight and a terror for her tutors, as she was interested in learning anything they could teach her, but her attention would frequently wander from topic to topic seemingly at random, based upon what interested her most at any given time.

With a household of children to manage, Lavinia was often able to slip away into the gardens or other parts of the grounds where she would play and observe the world around her. She enjoyed tinkering with any machine she could get her hands on, often taking it apart to see how things worked and seeing if she could put it back together properly. Lavinia had a desk in her room devoted to spare gears, cogs and tools where she would spend hours building things. Her room was also covered in random piles of books and notes with various mathematical formulas, half finished calculations and musings about things she had seen or had caught her attention recently.

Her family was always very kind and supportive of her ‘discoveries’ but in a distracted sort of way, as her parents truly never understood her. It was more of a ‘there’s a good girl’ and a ‘go enjoy yourself, but be home for dinner’ type of attitude. They were extremely surprised, and pleased when she expressed an interest to go to University to study, and thought she had finally settled down and would now focus and accomplish something with her life. Unfortunately, after only a year and a half, she was dismissed from Oxford and sent home.

Now slightly annoyed and not knowing what else to do with her, her parents have decided to push Lavinia into this year’s social season to see if that will hold her attention for a bit, and earn her a match at the same time. It is her mother’s hope that by marrying and starting a family, it will force her to devote a bit more time and effort to reality, rather than her fantasies and daydreams.

During this year’s season she is hoping to find a friend or suitor who shares her love for the eccentric. This person would most likely not be the most popular, or wealthy person in the room, but someone who glories in her uniqueness and the endlessly entertaining conversions they could have together.

Romance/ Marriage Contracts

Natural History/ Sciences


**I am basing her loosely around Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series**

Kaleen/ Lady Lavinia Gregory

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