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Name: Alyssandra Clio Greenthorne

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 25

Sexuality: Sexuality Unknown at this time


3rd Countess (Earl) of Huntington

Link to Character Connections Thread

The player of the Countess of Huntington prefers the following styles for correspondence:

Formal/First Time Letters:

Salutation: "Madam"

Social Correspondence (2nd time letters/most character connections)

Salutation: "Dear Lady Huntington"

Intimate/Familiar Correspondence (Close family and very close friends,)

Salutation: "Countess Alyssandra", "Alyssandra", "Huntington"

All Envelopes and/or Exteriors (as of March 1st)

The Right Hon. the Countess of Huntington

Greenthorne Castle,

Huntington, England

Family: Coming Soon

Staff: Coming Soon

Main Residence: Greenthorne Castle, Huntington(modeled after Castle Ashby)

London Residence: TBD

Hunting Lodge: TBD

Countess Alyssandra Greenthorne

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