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Name: Ricardo Manuel Esteban Castillo Sanchez

Pronouns: he/him

Appears in: Gazette / Crier: Gazette

Birthday (Age): 37 years old, birthday November 13th.

Title(s): Reverend Doctor, Professor at Magdalen College, Oxford University.

How should you be addressed in letters?: Reverend Doctor Ricardo Castillo, Professor Castillo, 'Ricardo' for intimate acquaintances, Any nicknames that arise.

Suggested Expanded Profile

Bio: Little is known in England about Ricardo's early life, but he appeared at Oxford at the age of 25 to complete course work to round out his growing list of degrees, and stands as a Doctor of Astronomy and Doctor of Divinity at the school. He has been teaching Astronomy and Natural Philosophy at Magdalen college, Oxford University for the past five years. He has 2,500 a year. He is known to be grouchy and to brazenly drink while teaching class. He is also known to be a man of vices, particularly drinking and gambling. Ricardo is bisexual and a wicked flirt.

Family Connections: Ricardo left his family behind in Spain and is very cagey about their identity. He has no remarkable familial connections and is the very definition of a man of mundane birth.

Homes/House Locations: Ricardo maintains a townhome in Oxford. He maintains a very modest home in London.

Seeking Connections: Friends, Colleagues, Romantic Dalliances, Partners-in-Vice, potentially Marriage.


Ricardo Castillo
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