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Name: Eloise Snowden

Pronouns: She/Her

Titles: Lady Eloise Snowden, daughter of the Duke of Manchester (i'm not sussing out many details here so just use your imagination ;))

Age: 24

Height: 5'6"

Build: Slender and athletic

Hair: Brown/Chestnut

Eyes: Ocean Blue Eyes

Sexuality: Biseuxal

Salutations accepted:

First letter from an unknown coorspondent: Dear Lady Eloise Snowden

Letters hereafter or from known aquaintences and friends: Anything that you wish (Eloise is very informal and finds the stuffiness of titles to be a nuisance)

All Envelopes and/or Exteriors

Lady Eloise Snowden

Prior Park

in Somerset at Bath


Duke Richard I of Manchester -- Father (NPC)

Elizabeth -- Mother deceased


Richard II -- Eldest brother (NPC)

Mary - wife (NPC)

Anthony -- Elder brother (NPC)

Elizabeth - wife (NPC)

Mark -- Elder brother (NPC)

John - husband (NPC)

Elton -- Elder brother (NPC)

(Cousins and extended family all NPC)

Main Residence: Prior Park, in Bath

London Residence: House of E, a newly aquired and unnamed townhome of Eloise's own

(Extended family in Wales, northern England and a brother in Scotland provide lots of vacation homes.)

Lady Eloise Snowden

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