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Avery/Abigail Pembroke
Feb 09, 2021
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I got a little excited about this whole business and I wanted to practice this style of writing, so I wrote a little something, and I figured this would be the place to share it :) BE WARNED: Character spoilers ahead! If you wanna stay in the dark, stop reading! 👒 👒 👒 ... are they gone? Okay! XD 25/02/1808 My dearest Alexander, Firstly, you mustn’t blame yourself for my actions, though I doubt you would’ve considered the notion had I not suggested it. Your head, I’m afraid, has become too inflated to do so. Perhaps this letter could serve as the pin you so desperately need to release it. The reason for my departure will (but perhaps should not, considering my temperament) come as a surprise, no doubt: Mr Berkeley, I hold no love in my heart for you. We have had two, perhaps three, conversations in total, but I fear I may burst should I be forced to sit through another. You have demonstrated that you care not for me, but for my mother’s money and my father’s title. Even Marion, far more suited to your talk of economy and politics than I, has been brushed off in favor of your attempts to engage with me. Perhaps you ought to wait a few years and try your luck with them, if they’ll deign to have you at your age, and if my family will dare to be associated with you. Heaven knows you’ll not get a penny from me. No doubt you’ll try to locate me once you discover this letter. If you don’t, the rest of my family will, at the very least. I am pleased to tell you that in the morning, by the time you’ve found this, I’ll have made my way to London and become lost in her streets. My intention is to board a trading ship, to earn my keep there, and to see the world outside of England. To that end, I imagine neither you nor any member of my family will cross my path again unless I should intend it. It’s a vast earth we live on, and it grows larger by the day; to search for me would be futile at this point. In conclusion, Alexander, kindly sod off. Should I ever see you again, I daresay it will be a century too soon. Regards, Abigail Pembroke

Avery/Abigail Pembroke

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