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From the Society Gazette, No.1.

"Lady Arabella Grace Ashbrooke is the recently arrived heir of an émigré who escaped to London during the Revolution. This glamorous beauty could be the muse of a fine painter, but she will not be easy to woo. Word has it she already turned down a proposal by the Mali ambasador Malick Sidibé."


Name: Arabella Grace Ashbrooke

Pronouns: she/her

Bisexual, polyamourous, French emigrée, new to London from Paris

Birthday: April 1st

Title(s): Lady / Mlle.

Interests: art, poetry, theatre, astronomy & natural sciences, cunningfolk, adventure & shenanigans, romance & mystery, being courted outrageously, a good after-party, language of flowers, passing interest in fashion

Love language: gifts, attention/quality time & physical touch (gasp!)

Likes: books, art supplies, unique & expensive, colours: deep jewel tones (emerald, burgundy reds) and delicate feminine tones (light pinks, peach, lilac), florals, French tulle / velvet / silk (lush sensual fabrics), flowers/scents: roses, honeysuckle, lilacs

How should she be addressed in letters?

For new correspondence / strangers / formally: Lady A. Ashbrooke or Mlle AG Ashbrooke

For familiar/friends: Arabella or Bella

For intimately familiar: Bell or something developed over time


Raised in Paris, well-educated in broad topics, but otherwise a relative unknown in England. She's becoming known for her artistic talent and love of theatre and the arts, as well as for being highly social, charasmatic and confident in her very French sensibilities.

Family Connections:

Vague rumours of connections to numerous French nobility, but facts unknown - she's a mystery for the solving! If you're from France or have visited regularly, you might have seen her attending the theatre, particularly vaudeville with the famed Grace Elliott or her noble companions.

Conversation Starters:

* Art - she strongly resembles a muse for notable French painters

* Poetry & Literature - fantastical tales, fiction, romances and bawdy passages

* Flirting both subtle and overt

* Botany & natural sciences

* Tales of adventure and impossible odds

* Her sudden arrival from France & turning down a marriage proposal

* why she was absent from the Newmarket races

* her new Artists' Quarterly publication (please submit your neat stuff!)

* invitations to salons, outings, balls/soiree, tea, events of all kinds

* she just moved into a new home in London (Maison Grace)

Seen With / Connections to:

* Lord Captain Katharine Sunderlin & her young ward: seen frequently about London in a very familiar manner

*more as they become public...

*What Happened at the Queen's Reception & Everbloom Ball?*

TBA post- event in June

*Events & Upcoming Invitations:*

* Tintagel Garden, private party - May

* Re-opening of the Wild Violet Theatre - date TBD

* Grand-Opening of the new cafe - date TBD

* Sunderlin Ghost Hunt - June 21

* Somerset house party in Bath, post-season date TBD

Lady Arabella Ashbrooke (Mitzie)

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