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Ellianna Moonshire (Kaylee)
Jun 11, 2021
In Backgrounds and Character dev
Name: Ellianna (Ell-e-on-ah) Darling Moonshire Pronouns: She/her Birthday (Age): September 18th, 1786 (24) Title(s): Lady Ellianna Moonshire, daughter of the Earl and Countess of Moonshire Address on an envelope: Lady Elliana Moonshire (of Moonshire Manor, Newbury). Address in a letter: Formal: Lady Ellianna Moonshire, Lady Moonshire Informal: Lady Ellianna, Ellianna, various nicknames as established. Portrait: Bio: The Ellianna is the eldest daughter of 5 children to the late Earl and Countess Moonshire of the Moonshire Manor. She prefers to be called Ellianna. She was given the education and training expected of a young woman, but she has always longed for more. She wishes to explore and experience all that life has to offer. Starting life as a tame child, her parents shielded her away from the world. As she got older, she became more adventurous, bold, and wild. She longs to see the world around her instead of learning about them through print. During the Early Miasma, Mother and Father passed. The doctor says it was the Miasmas that took them, but they were the only ones affected. As she began to take over her family’s affairs; She has learned that her father never spoke to anyone outside of the family about his children. Only family members knew of their existence. He has said that he kept them hidden to protect them from the “evils” and “sins” of the world, but no one was not aware that it extended as far as it has. Her parents told her to marry for love, and everything else will fall in place. It was even in their will. Perhaps that is why they hid their children. Otherwise, it was for less tasteful reasons…? Ellianna never learned why her mother and father kept them away. She sometimes thinks of the adventurous stories others have told from their childhoods, and she will find a way to go out and have that experience. Either by herself or with others. With this being her first chance to explore our society truly, Ellianna wants to engage in every activity! Every possible opportunity to experience what life has to offer, including love. However, she is hesitant. She is not sure whom to trust or where to even begin with her dance card. With her head in the clouds, she dreams of having a night of magic, just like in her mother’s fairy tales. She grew up with her mother filling her head with unrealistic ideals of romance and love. Her mother would tell fantastic fairy tales of romance, princes, princesses, sword fights, thrills, and rescues. Those stories are some of the last memories she has of her mother and is why she clings to them as true ideals of relationships. The Moonshire manor itself has a unique quality. Her family crest is dedicated to the moonflower since this flower magically appears year after year since her ancestors occupied the estate. The Flowers have been here since the first Moonshire family moved in. No one has an answer as to why and how they got there. Ellianna likes to think that they remind us that no matter what happens year after year, the Moonshire family will continue to thrive. Perhaps this year, she will get to show these magical flowers to a suitor?
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Ellianna Moonshire (Kaylee)

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