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Declan Whitney
Mar 06, 2021
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Hey friends, I joined the party a little too late for a mention in the first newsletter, but my character, Declan Whitney, Viscount Seabrook, has just returned from Europe and is reacquainting himself with English society. There are a few different types of connections I'm seeking, some familial, others more creative, so I figured I should introduce him. Personality Declan has a reputation for being a bit of a rogue. He’s had romantic entanglements of all genders, and is fond of both gambling and carousing. He’s a passionate individual, well studied in both poetry and painting, and is something of a libertine. In truth, it’s only his wit and wealth that have allowed him to remain part of “proper” society, and even then, for some more upstanding members of the ton, he’s beginning to wear upon their patience. Background Declan Whitney, Viscount Seabrook is the eldest son of Edgar Whitney, Earl of Caldwell. His mother, Lady Constance, contracted a fever and passed shortly after the birth of his sister, Briony, when he was nine years old. After Lady Constance’s death, Declan began to dote on his sister, both because she was the final connection to his mother, and because he was determined to protect her. When Declan was twenty-three, his father remarried. His father’s new bride, a Parisian woman named Lady Agnes, was significantly younger than the Earl, much closer to Declan's age. Declan seemed deeply offended by his father’s second marriage, but remained an active part of the household, as his sister was only 14 at the time. Once Briony reached her majority, Declan departed for Europe, only remaining in contact with his sister. Now, a few years later, he’s returned home to celebrate Briony's engagement, and the birth of his younger half-brother, Benjamin. Declan and his father continue to have a somewhat strained relationship. The two have butted heads at numerous points, and the Earl considers Declan a great disappointment. Rumors of his son's passionate entanglements and bohemian lifestyle do nothing to bolster that opinion. Connections Schoolmates - Declan attended Cambridge from 1792 - 1795, where he began to build a reputation for being brilliant, but wild. Relationships with other students he befriended are welcome. Briony and Her Betrothed - Declan’s younger sister, Briony, is engaged and will shortly be married to someone respectable. If anyone is interested in having Declan as either your brother or future brother-in-law, the option is available. I'm open to changing Briony's name if it better suits your character. Travelling Companions - Declan has traveled extensively, mostly in Europe, but has made his way to further-flung portions of the globe. Those who traveled with him, or he met during his wanderings are welcome. Poets, Painters, Musicians and Actors - Declan runs with a fairly libertine crowd, and frequently attends salons, performances and parties where things sometimes get a bit wild. This gives him ample opportunity to meet artistic individuals of all stripes.
Declan Whitney
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