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Octavia Iara Thistledown (Tavvi)

Player: JodyLee Estrada Duek

Retired biology professor; love improv, gardening, birding, cooking, travel

Character: Octavia Iara Thistledown (Tavvi)

Now: Appeared in London several years ago; unclear are her origins; perhaps northern Spanish. Has a small but elegant home at Manchester Square Gardens, Marylebone, where she gives lively parties with interesting and sometimes astonishingly erudite conversations. Tavvi seems to have her fingers in several small businesses, and is often sought after by those who want either personal or business advice. She also has a country estate a few hours' ride up the Thames River.

Wanted Connections:

Suitors: frivolous; serious; gold-digging. All are of interest; Tavvi adores flirting with one and all.

Friends: intelligent, open, more interested in things than in personal gossip (most of the time...)

Younger folks: those who desire some assistance in life; opportunities for a new start, advice.

Employees: she has a hand in several small businesses, ranging from a blacksmith to a tailor, and can generally find a position for most folks who wish to work. She also has a large country estate that needs staff.

Family: make an inquiry if you are interested in some intrigue <<grin>>. Somewhere she has 2 sisters, 3 brothers, a mother and a grandmother and great aunt with whom she corresponds...

Octavia Thistledown (Tavvi) / (JL)

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