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Lady Eleanor Savery

Daughter of the Earl of Buckingham

Granddaughter of the Viscountess of Blankeney


Earl Alexander Savery-- Father, former Earl of Buckingham, deceased

Lady Helena Savery nee Blankeney-Lennox--Mother (NPC)

Earl Edward Howard--Step father, former Earl of Carlisle, deceased

Earl David Savery Brother-- eldest sibling, current Earl of Buckingham, married, has children (NPC)

Lord Arthur-- second eldest sibling, married, set to inherit the Blankeney title (NPC)

Lady Sophia-- third eldest sibling, eldest daughter, married (NPC)

[Eleanor falls here in the birth order]

@Earl Nicholas Howard--step brother, current Earl of Carlisle

Lord Graham-- fifth eldest sibling, youngest son, attending Oxford(NPC)

Lady Juliet-- youngest child, youngest daughter, (NPC)

Extended family:

@ Duke James Richmond -- cousin on Eleanor’s mother’s side

@ Lady Violet Heloise Blankeney-Coventry -- cousin on Eleanor’s mother’s side

@ Morven Blackwood -- cousin on Eleanor’s mother’s side

Main Residence: Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire

London Residence (some miscellaneous house)

Visits frequently visits her cousin in Bath and step brother in Carlisle

Addressing in letters: Lady (Eleanor) Savery for more formal interactions, nicknames pending more informal connections between characters

Lady Eleanor Savery (Hilary)

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