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Name: James Richmond

Pronouns: He/Him

Age: 24

Sexuality: Biseuxal


7th Duke of Somerset

9th Marquess of Bath

5th Earl of Sutherland

Link to Character Connections Thread

The player of the Duke of Somerset prefers the following styles for correspondence:

Formal/First Time Letters:

Salutation: "My Lord Duke"

Social Correspondence (2nd time letters/most character connections)

Salutation: "Dear Duke"

Intimate/Familiar Correspondence (Close family and very close friends,)

Salutation: "Duke James", "Somerset"

All Envelopes and/or Exteriors (as of March 1st)

His Grace the Duke of Somerset

Richmond House,

Mayfair, London, England


Mary -- Mother

Henry -- Father (NPC) deceased

Nigel -- Elder brother (NPC) deceased

Anne -- Elder sister (NPC) deceased

? -- (open slot for a younger sibling)

Lady Kitty McAllister (Jen)-- Cousin

Lady Eleanor Savery (Hilary) (cousin)

Lady Violet Heloise Blankeney-Coventry (Elizabeth) -- Cousin


Edmund Ayles -- Stable boy/Horse trainer

Main Residence: Castle Richmond, Somerset (modeled after Castle Howard

London Residence: Richmond House, Mayfair (modeled after Clarendon House)

Hunting Lodge: Dunrobin Castle, Scotland

Duke James Richmond (Greg)

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