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Viscountess Charlotte Hughes
Feb 23, 2021
In General Discussion
Hi everyone! My name is Emma (she/her) and I already made a post over in the wanted connections thread but having a larger thread to track everything and add more of the public details about my character. I'm always looking to work in connections from earlier in life in to my character's background as I love enabling people and this sort of collaborative story building! Please do not hesitate to comment or send me a message if you'd think our characters would know each other. A Brief Introduction This will be Charlotte's (she/her) first season out in society as well as her first season as the Viscountess of Bolingbroke. Graceful, articulate, and pretty she has been molded to be the picture of a perfect young society lady since her earliest days in the cradle. Charlotte was never much inclined to formal education but her tutors and governesses instilled in her a passion for theater, drama, and the Greek classics. She did attend a ladies seminary school from the ages of 12 to 16. Charlotte has very few living relatives, just her mother's twin sister Margaret White, and her Uncle @Mr. James Hughes MP; the latter of which is the one escorting his niece to society events with his usual stiff upper lip and stern demeanor. Wanted Connections: -Childhood friends (The ancestral family home is on the northwest part of Wiltshire near Somerset) -Seminary school friends -Fellow theater lovers (She thinks Shakespeare, while undoubtedly timeless can be a bit overrated) -Possible romantic interests and marriage connections (Charlotte identifies as pansexual) -Any older female mentors to help her learn to navigate the London social scene.
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Viscountess Charlotte Hughes

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